I know, I know. Not everyone is good at everything. In fact our whole economy is like a large scale bartering system. I am good at this so I work here, you are good at that so you work there. We both get money for the work provided and then go and buy the product of each other’s work. So, no more churning butter or baking bread for this guy. Despite this relief of certain responsibilities, there are a few more things I wish I had a talent for.

This past weekend my plan was to put up a new door (the same one I broke out of frustration a couple of weeks ago). I bought the door, somehow managed to get it home on the roof of my Honda Accord – there are times when I want a minivan -, took down the old door, and borrowed the necessary tools from a friend. Sunday morning came, and I put on my work clothes – yes, I have work clothes. I was in the garage sawing by 9:00.  There was grunting, sawdust, and power tools – I felt manly – unga bunga.  However, by 11:00, I had failed – the door did not fit, the screws were not tightening – and I was dejected.  I wanted to overcome my general lack of carpentry skills and through determination and willpower hang the door. I am jealous of those who have these type of skills.

There are many reasons for this desire which has grown since I became a homeowner.  Ever since that day when I went into major debt, I have had a twang of nervousness.  I am nervous for my house – perpetually praying that nothing will break.  This past week we had a plumber come to the house. I was prepared for a big bill – even had some money saved. However, there was that chance that the cost would be outrageous. I held my breath the whole visit till the estimate came. It was much lower than I expected – another bullet dodged. Yet, what if I could do it myself – wouldn’t that be cool? Forget it I might as well churn butter.

One thought on “Specialization

  1. Glad to hear that the quote from the plumber didn’t place you into cardiac arrest, though that may have provided Sara with a surge of capital to take care of your home improvement projects. When you’ve mastered the task of replacing doors, give me a call. That’s definitely something that would be useful in our home. Maybe you can convince Jon to conduct an in-service for the fathers in Pack 613. I’m sure it will be well attended 🙂

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