Sometimes, I Feel Old

Sometimes, I feel old when…

Don’t tell me you never have this thought rumble through your head. Maybe, it arises when cars pass you on the road, or when you think three times about a particularly decadent dessert, or you hear yourself saying, “In my day…” I could go on, but you get the idea.

Most of you who read this blog are somewhere in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. None of which is old. However, if you are like me, you do things that you thought you wouldn’t do when you were younger. Or maybe, you do things that at one point you would laughed at someone else for doing such a thing.

In my most recent post, I once again alluded to food shopping ( As I mentioned, this is one of the household chores that falls under my domain. And I really don’t mind handling the food haul. Now, I don’t think that makes me old. Weird maybe, but not old.

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However, there are some weird things that occur on my food shopping jaunts that make me utter the words, “I feel old.”

Last week – and it wasn’t the first time – I found myself singing and bopping my head along with the music that came over the supermarket sound system. I don’t remember the song, but you know it came over a station such as 99.4 Happy or 101.1 Sunny, or 104.8 Back in my Day. Of course, it could have also been some preprogrammed list of all your ‘favorite soft hits’.

Are you kidding me? Me? Now, I was never some long haired, leather sporting, ripped jean wearing, tattoo exhibiting, ear ring dangling, head banging guy. Shocker – right? Hey, but I had a Black Crowes poster in my apartment at college, I slept out for Who tickets, I blared Twisted Sister’s, We’re not Gonna Take It till my father said, “Turn down that damn music.”

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Now, I’m bopping down the aisles of Shop Rite while trying to select the best looking bananas, hoping for sales on my family’s favorite items, and praying there will be no line at the checkout counter.

Oh G-d, I am getting old – aren’t I? Don’t answer that. Please. Imagine what I’ll feel like when the 2050’s come around.

Is it just me? What makes you feel old?

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30 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Feel Old

  1. Oh I loved/love the Black Crowes and The Counting Crows. Big fan of all crows! As for feeling old…nothing stings me more in that category than all the abbreviations that kids use these days. I have seriously looked up YOLO 20 times and I can not get the meaning to stick in my head!

    • Me too! I also like Cheryl Crowe.
      The first time I heard that was from one of my students. You would think that would make me up on this sort of thing – you’d be wrong. Oh well.

  2. Yay! I like the new buttons. You know what makes me feel old? Teenage boys. First of all, they all look like teenage girls to me, with that long windblown hair and the skinny jeans and the shoes. I kid you not, I was behind a boy the other day and he was wearing an outfit my grandmother would have worn. The only difference is that Grandma would have worn a different blouse.

    I laughed out loud. I’m still laughing a little!

    • A blouse – on a teenage boy? Maybe, you should have saved some of grandma’s clothing. You could have made ome money off of the garage sale.

      • I think he was actually wearing a t-shirt, but I couldn’t see it very well. But the rest of the outfit was pure Gramma!

        Hey, I had a super funny dream last night. You and the family came to visit our family, and your wife and I were riding in the car together. She was explaining to me why your second child is named “Bump.” 😛

  3. Nope, I refuse. I refuse to feel old. And the fact that sometimes I’ve crawled into bed at 8 pm is no reflection on my age!!! LOL. Dude, dad and I had lunch today and we were discussing things and he mentioned how all the doctors now were just kids to him, and I was like “YES! I saw a resident walk by and I swear she was 12 years old!!!!” I don’t know what about that made me old, the fact that I swear that future doc was only 12, or the fact that I was agreeing with my own dad… 🙂

    • Okay. If you want to believe that, I will not be the one to take away that thought. By the way, enjoy your long night of sleep – it’s almost 8:00.

  4. I can so relate to what you’ve said here. And sometimes when I hear music from my youth on the radio, it takes me back a little bit in time to a place where I was carefree and fun. Now I’m just old and boring (according to my kids), and they aren’t even teenagers yet. Imagine what they’ll think of me in 10 years!

    • Music often makes me sentimental as well.
      I don’t even want to know what they will think of me when they are teens.

  5. I feel old every time I have to go look something up in after reading my young relatives’ Facebook posts. Or when my friend, who is ten years younger, remarked that the radio station was having a “way-back weekend”, where they were planing only 90’s music. That made me feel really old.

    • That 90’s comment would make me feel old too.
      I can’t believe you actually look those things up. If I have questions along those lines, I end up asking students.

      • I also feel old when I see people who were verile young adults when I was a kid, except that now they are almost elderly. I was watching this documentary about The Eagles, and most of them look like they should collect social security now.

        Be careful what you ask those youngsters! You never know if it’s something naughty.

  6. 🙂 It’s not just you, I’m in my 30’s and I feel old! 🙂 last week in the car, hubby was driving and an old 1995 Mariah Carey song started playing on the radio (I remembered almost all the words) it made me feel so old, I was a kid back then but WOW! 1995 !!! or when I watch a movie from the 1990’s ; I feel very old! ha!ha! Imagine me in 2050! 🙂 by the way, thank you so much for the mention Larry! made me very happy! 🙂

    • You are very welcome and thank you.
      In 2050, your grandkids will be coming over for one of your special meals and you’ll have decorated the house.

  7. I was grocery shopping yesterday and I caught myself singing. Then I thought of you .. they were playing some kind of 80’s track and every song I knew. At one point, I caught myself singing out loud. Does this mean I’m old too?

    • You can answer that for yourself miss. Ahh screw it – enjoy the song. Sometimes, when I see someone coming, I pretend I was clearing my throat. You could always reach for your phone.

  8. I’m there with you on loving the Counting Crows and Black Crows and on feeling old. I just read a post from a woman who is barely 40 and went back to college to finish her degree. Her professor commented on just how darn old she is. Ugh! That made me feel old. I would be right there with you singing along to the oldies at the grocery store. Sometimes I don’t think twice about my age, but because yesterday was my birthday, aging is on my mind! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday!!!!!
      Just enjoy the gifts and attention and keep writing. You should have the fortune of getting very old!

  9. Do you have a wordpress site currently? There’s jetpack for and it carries over a LOT of the compatible features (like the like button!) You should also let people put in their url when they leave comments =)

    And even though I’m not old; I often feel old when all the admin’s in my department are 24 and I can’t relate to them at all.

  10. Hold the (smart) phones, Mister!

    You shop for groceries?! I hereby respectfully create a motion to edit the title of your blog.
    1). a. An addition of capital letter — ‘G’ revising Old to the word Gold.
    “Sometimes I feel G-old.”

    Seriously, taking care of that chore makes you young and golden. Stay gold, ponyboy.

  11. Family parties make me feel slightly old because I am no longer part of the youngest generation. It is a good type of feeling old though.

    And, I love the Black Crowes! Haven’t heard them for years though. Must dig out that old ( ha ha ) c.d.

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