I got in late last night after hanging out with some friends. Later than I had planned is a more accurate way to put it as there was a time in my life when I would not have called that late. Anyway, I have things to do this morning and therefore, I had to get up earlier than I wanted. So, I am tired.

I know we are all tired. I have asked my students to write a journal about what they would do if they could extend a long break for one more day. The answer that comes up most often is sleep. My 4 ½ year old often tells me he is tired (true, it is usually when he is asked to do something that he doesn’t want to do, but that is another story). I’ll talk to friends and colleagues and everyone seems to be talking about how exhausting their day was. So, it seems as if everyone is overbooked, overcommitted, over stressed, etc. So, when I say I am tired, I am not looking for sympathy.

The weekend is, at least in theory, a time when you get to do more what you want to do and less what you have to do. Of course, errands and just plain old stuff needs to be accomplished.  Still, there are less hours that are committed to musts.  I thought that the last two nights were going to be the type where I wake up and after a customary stretch and yawn, I feel energized. I lied or am I a glutton for punishment.  ASIDE: I think not setting an alarm clock and waking up naturally is one aspect of a perfect day. Now, back to the lie. You see last night I went to sleep a little after one (wanted to go to sleep earlier but couldn’t convince my body to get up and so stayed at my friend’s house until somebody else got up) and did not have to get up till 7:45. As I went to bed, I thought to myself 6.5 hours – that’s not bad. Seemingly a blink later, I felt something moving in my bed. No, it wasn’t my wife and we don’t own pets. It was my human alarm clock, in this case Bezalel, my older son. I tried to pretend that I could continue sleeping but the kicking and pulling of the blanket ended that dream (pun intended). I looked over at my clock which said 7:00. The hoped for extra sleep was not going to happen. I tried to comfort myself with the thought that I’ve been woken up much earlier by my sons in the past.

So, we are all tired and wishing for more sleep. Is there ever a make-up? You know maybe a day, two days, a week (dare I think it) where we can catch up on sleep. I’m guessing not.  If there is a make-up, I’m nearly certain everyone could get an ‘A.’

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