Six ‘News’ Items That I Don’t Care About

Celebrity news - I don't care.

Is this news?


We live in a world obsessed with celebrity, and thanks to the internet and social media, it’s all out there 24 hours a day.   These stories are passed off as news. 

I suppose there are some people that care about these ‘news’ stories. Don’t count me as one of them.

Here are six ‘news’ stories that have recently made the rounds that I do not care about:
1.       Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange – The media is all over this family tussle. Yes, famous celebrities and pretty people are involved – I get it.  Full disclaimer – I did not even know the name Solange until yesterday and could not pick her out of a lineup. By the way, would anybody be surprised to see her end up in a lineup?  
2.       Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding – This story – shudder as you say that – is on the cover of every supermarket magazine. Trust me – I do the food shopping in my family. What is she wearing? Where is the bachelorette party? Will North be the ringbearer?  Sigh. Enough of these needy celebrity whores.
3.       George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin –  Hey, George Clooney, Mr. Bachelor, is engaged to be married. I have to admit I read an article about the happy couple. And one was enough. In fact, it was plenty.
4.       NFL Draft – I love sports, football included. However, between the pre-draft, draft, and post-draft analysis, the hype on news outlets has been overkill. Seriously, how can the draft experts grade the draft the day after it happens? If the NFL Draft was such an exact science, why did Tom Brady go in the sixth round?
5.       Donald Sterling – His words were disgusting. His attitude toward African-Americans is abhorrent. But the story has passed. The NBA has done what it can do. No interview with him, or his wife, or his girlfriend are necessary. It drags out an ugly episode when it would be best to move forward. Sterling has gotten 15 minutes more than he deserves.
6.       Star Wars Cast – Yes, the original Star Wars movies are timeless and beyond popular. Yes, I will probably see the new movies. However, the new movies are not coming till the summer of 2015. The no-name actors stepping into the roles are being analyzed, reviewed and discussed as if they are running for president.  Just let the movie be made and released before it gets analyzed to death.
What ‘news’ stories have you shutting down your phone or turning off the TV?
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22 thoughts on “Six ‘News’ Items That I Don’t Care About

  1. The resurfacing of Monica Lewinsky and that whole affair did little to improve my outlook of our news sources. It took weeks before the story of hundreds of abducted girls in Nigeria reached CNN, and yet we were treated to three or four days of Monica last week. Um, yeah, can you say “old news that really isn’t news”?…

    • I saw her name come up again. Her original ‘claim to fame’ was certainly news worthy but what is the point of brining it up again? Definitely isn’t news as you say.

  2. Hi,
    May I say I agree with you totally. I am not living in the U. S. at the moment, but I see the same thing happening over here. It is as if the media is putting people’s brains to sleep so that they cannot think properly.

    When news highlight become entangled around people who are considered to be suave and beautiful or whatever, then the society has become sick, because that is not what life is all about and I refuse to waste my time by investing in it.


    • Even if you want to avoid this ‘news’, it’s not easy. It’s so in your face and it is easy to get sucked in. However, I truly believe that it is a waste of time.

      • I didn’t mean that I would avoid the news. It is important to know what is going on in the world. I know there are advertisements in news magazines also, but I gather a lot of my information from digital magazines like The Times, Newsweek , or the digital newspapers.
        What I refuse to look at or pay attention to is the rubbish about Hollywood stars and anyone else who the media puts before our eyes as examples of a beautiful and healthy world. I find it sickening, because kids, teenagers, and even some adults buy into these images and are later very disappointed.

        • I understood that Pat and agree it is important to know what is going on. I particularly agree with your point that young people gain an unrealistic portrait of life and are negatively influenced by it.

  3. The other day, my daughter commented on something going on in Hollyweird. The person she named was someone I had never heard of. She told me all about him, and I still didn’t know about him. Apparently, he was on Survivor or something. YAWN…. I grew up in the era of magazines about Movie Stars, not wannabe famous people. Sure the articles were carefully orchestrated, but my oh my were they glamorous. Today, the stories in the mag rag trade are no longer glamorous, they are salacious and tacky. Embarrassing too.

    I don’t get how some stupid family argument is something worth hearing about, not when there are so many other things that effect the world. I, personally, would love to see more positive news, like folks helping each other and happy endings. Because life, unlike the so called news, isn’t all bad, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

    • Hollyweird – I like that. Yes, news about celebrities is not new but it is a much more intense level during this day and age.
      More positive news stories would certainly be nice.

    • Furstrating – I suppose so. Foolish to me, but I suppose plenty of people are watching, clicking, reading, etc.

    • Wow, that amazes me. Yahoo news seems to think this stuff is thrilling.
      I thought the Boys might take Manziel.

  4. I agree with all of the above…although I am loving the “cat saves boy” story right now.

    *This just in: The ceremony will not be in Paris. Repeat, the ceremony will NOT be in Paris.

  5. I hate to admit, but I looked up Solange Knowles because I had no idea who she was. I agree the celeb news is ridiculous. The draft was overplayed. I’m curious about Star Wars, but they will over analyze it and the the hype will kill the suspense a movie like Star Wars needs to be successful.
    I’m not big on the news, I find it very dishonest.

    • Good for you for not knowing.
      I’m curious about Star Wars as well but I don’t need the details a year plus out.

  6. I totally agree. Time consuming and just plain useless to keep up with all that celebrity crap. I recently downloaded the CNN & BBC phone apps and I am really content with what I am reading.

  7. The one piece of important news that you didn’t bring up is Michael Sam getting drafted. Whether you’re ok with the ‘kiss’ or not, it’s still a huge step forward for the NFL and people’s attitudes about being gay.

    And I totally agree with you about the rest of your list. I don’t care about the fight or the wedding but I do think that George Clooney is adorable.

    • You and millions of other women. Hence his engagement being ‘news.’
      Many of us men find Beyoncé to be ‘adorable.’

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