Selective Deafness

Earlier today, my friend Kate over at Did That Just Happen Blog honored me by allowing me to be a guest on her blog.

The post is one I think all parents will be able to relate to: Selective Deafness. You may not know what I mean by this trait. However, I am positive your children suffer from this occasionally as well.
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10 thoughts on “Selective Deafness

  1. I just emailed you – but thank you again, so very much, for writing a guest blog for my site. It was an excellent post and I really enjoyed collaborating with you again!

  2. My kids definitely suffer from this, which is why we make them respond: “Yes, Mom,” or “Yes, Dad.” That way they have to acknowledge that they heard us and are therefore held accountable.

  3. My husband and I suffer from this disease, as does the dog. I am really hoping that Baby doesn’t inherit this dreadful disease. 😉

    • I am sorry to tell you that he probably will. Well, at least it will make him part of the family.
      The dog – really? That’s funny.

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