Sandy – From My Perspective

*** Please note this was written yesterday. Unfortunately,I was unable to post. Today, I am at family member’s house who has electricity. Therefore, I can post this and recharge all the electronics.

Like many, my family and I have been dealing with the storm that has ravaged the Eastern Seaboard. Thankfully, we are fine – inconvenienced but just fine. Rather than give you a play by play of occurrences I wanted to share a few snapshots.

-I did not pay any attention to the storm whatsoever until Friday. In fact, one of my students joked and asked when will the homework be due if school is canceled. I smiled, “We’ll worry about that when the time comes.”

-Shop Rite was packed Sunday morning at 8:45 a.m. when I arrived. They were already out of D batteries and had run out of flashlights. For all the difficulties this storm has caused, it was good for retail – at least it was prior to the storm.

– “You must not be afraid of heights,” my neighbor called out to me as I sat on my roof pushing leaves onto the grass. In fact, I spent nearly two hours cleaning out my gutters praying the predicted gusts were truly hours away as predicted. Actually, I am afraid of heights!

– Monday morning was eerie. With each drop and gust, I waited for it to get ‘serious.’  Along the way, my wife and I periodically watched the news. We both find it funny to watch the weather people who get stuck with the beach reporting job. Tell me, when they say everyone should evacuate, why is there always some poor person who gets stuck with that gig? You know what he/she is thinking – I better get that anchor position before next season.

– At 2:45 Monday afternoon, we lost power. Nothing dramatic occurred. One second the power was on and the next second it was off. There probably was a gust that preceded the loss in power, but I did not notice it.

-By 6:00 that evening, dinner, which consisted of left overs, was eaten and the black of dark had descended. The boys were fighting over our various lighting instruments. No surprise there. They both sleep with a light on.

-After watching a movie (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – my wife wisely had charged the portable DVD player), the boys were ready for bed. We slept in the playroom, which is mostly underground. As we do not live especially close to water, Sandy was more about wind here than rain. Anyway, our campout – the euphemism we used for our children – was a bit rough.  After the children finally fell asleep, things were calm. At least they were inside the house.

– Walking up the stairs was scary.  The sounds of the wind howling, the sight of the shades blowing, and the trees swaying was rattling. I hurried back to the safety of the playroom.

– Before I went to bed, I looked out and watched the trees swaying. The trees were battered and looked as if they were a fighter who has taken too many hits. The tree scene in the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie went through my mind. I turned away in fear and concern.

-This morning we were awakened at 6:00 a.m. by SJ’s first bathroom trip. Apparently, we can sleep through a hurricane but not by a 5-year-old who needs to pee. I noted that the winds had nearly subsided.

-When light came up, I surveyed the damage from my living room window. On my block, two arbor majesties had lost the fight. Miraculously, no one was hurt and there was minimal property damage.

-“BR, how about some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and ice cream for breakfast?” What the heck – the ice cream wasn’t going to stay for much longer. We were going to use as much of the food as wisely as we could.

Now, it is after 3 p.m. though it feels much later. I have no idea what is going on as I have barely left my home (well, I am posting at neighbors – not everyone lost power). Each of us has gone through bouts of stir-craziness.  However, we are holding up well, but with another day off tomorrow, I am concerned.

To sum up, we are fine and fortunate. Thank G-d! However, it would be nice if Mr. Potts could lend us his flying car.

37 thoughts on “Sandy – From My Perspective

  1. Hi,
    It is such a relief to know that you, your wife and the boys are okay. I have thought about you four and sent up prayers for you and for all who ere caught up in Sandy.
    Looking at it on television, it looks absolutely horrible. So take it easy. There will probably be no school for the rest of this week. Relax with your family.

    Take care.

  2. I’m happy to hear you are all safe and relatively unscathed. If I had a flying car, I’d send it! Love your musings on the storm … my husband and I also laugh about the poor schmuks who report on storms from the beach. What a job! Hope your power is restored and life is restored to normal soon!

  3. So glad you and your family are safe! I was thinking about you and family down south as I followed on news of Sandy. Quit disturbing to watch and see so much destruction. We too were very fortunate to not have been hit (although there were a couple of deaths here in Ontario) doesn’t begin to compare to parts of the eastern American costs and Islands of the atlantic. Lots and lots of high winds all night keep the kids (especially baby) up all night. Take care and hopefully everything is restored and running soon.

  4. Been thinking of all you guy on the south coast, I’ve been following the storm all the way from Poland via Sky News.
    Such devistation. My thought and prayers go out to those with lost ones.
    Its so nice to read you and your family are safe.
    So when will the homework have to be in Sir? :p

  5. Glad to hear you guys made it through the storm OK. I knew you lived up in that area and wondered how much it affected your and your family. Having lived in Florida most of my life, hurricanes are something we’ve learned to lived with but when the power goes out, well that just sucks. Hope everything is getting close to normal again soon.

      • True – last time we lost power is smack in the middle of the hottest time of the year. I think I’d rather have it be cold than be hot without any air conditioning. If you don’t get power soon, see if you can find a generator. Those things help bring about some kind of normalcy, if its possible after what you’re dealing with.

          • I wasn’t a generator kind of gal either but when we went a week without AC in 100 degree weather, I changed my tune. It’s loud and you have to keep putting gas in it BUT it kept the fridge running and a couple of window AC units working so we could at least cool down. I hope for your sake you don’t have to deal with another storm like this in future.

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