Room for Debate?

What is the Kletzky family thinking? It is night time, and they need to sleep. They’ll wake up tomorrow, and their son will still be gone to a horrible death.  What are they feeling now? Everyone has an opinion. Their grizzly family tragedy is news that the whole city and many more are aware of and discussing.  People are judging and considering what they would have done.  

My older son is seven, and there is no way I want him walking on his own through our neighborhood. I find it hard to believe any child that age is ready for that level of responsibility.  So, maybe, the parents were wrong in their decision to allow their son to walk on his own. We don’t know the parents, will never know the boy, and despite the insipid news stories, the public will never really know why the family made the decisions that they did. Ultimately, these details do not matter and are unimportant.  There is only one thing that matters in this case – an innocent little boy was murdered.  He was taken and brutally murdered by a deranged man.  The perpetrator of the crime is the only person at fault here. This tragedy is his fault, and no one else’s!  Any other viewpoint is akin to blaming the victim. 

People will draw conclusions from what has occurred. Maybe some people will decide to be more protective of their children and worry even more about what or who is lurking.  I suppose that has its good points but the lack of belief in our fellow man, the need to always be there for our children when maybe they need a little freedom is not a good thing. We get to debate this, while the Kletzky family tries to sleep, and find the strength to live on.

One thought on “Room for Debate?

  1. True Larry. The news of this little boy’s death pains my heart. As a parent you do want to give your children a bit of freedom. You really would like to know that they will be okay to walk the community, but this is a horrible truth that they really are not safe and it is unfortunate that you have to keep them ‘under yur wings’ all the time. I pray that this family will find peace.

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