Roller Coaster Changes

We all change – everyday.  Most changes are minor and unnoticeable. I think I might have a little less hair today than yesterday. Luckily, I can’t tell by just looking in the mirror – sense it though. It will take a greater follicle loss for it to be noticeable.  However, some changes are noticeable and when they come about, they are often striking.

While on vacation last year, my family and I went to one of the piers on the boardwalk. As we headed towards the rides, I was intent on watching my children go round and round or up and down. I was ready to smile and wave at them each time they passed as if I had not seen them in a long time, and it was thrilling to see them again.  This is one of those parents’ jobs. We all line up to do this with that face that says please let little blah blah have fun and be safe.

Last year, my younger son was getting strapped into a jeep that goes round and round at a slow pace. On this ride, the kids can beep a horn and turn a steering wheel that has no effect. It is one of the first rides that kids go on before they graduate on to something more daring.  The prior year, after some cajoling, he went on this circular ride.  However, there was no beeping or steering – just crying.  It was brutal to watch and bit embarrassing. He went back into the stroller and fell asleep an hour later while we walked around the rides area looking after his older brother. This fun-filled adventure was followed up by his near derailment of the merry-go-round at a local mall after asking to go on. “No, it’s alright, you don’t have to stop it. He’s okay.” He was balling!

We entered the rides area on the boardwalk this year not knowing what he would want to do. As soon as we had the tickets, he wanted to go on a ride – well, it was more like an obstacle course, but he was insistent. He went on, came off, and insisted he go on again. Later on, all he wanted to do was go on the log flume. Well, he was not tall enough which he did not quite understand and started balling again. Our second trip to the rides saw him get on the log flume with his older cousins. He was thrilled with it and kept saying roller coaster. While he was not able to get on a roller coaster due to height and parental fear, he went on a number of other rides happily and excitedly.

I don’t know where this change came from or even if it is here to stay. While it does not quite rank up there with the fall of Ghadaffi, it is pretty big news in my house.  In fact, these types of changes are part of the joy of watching a child grow. How will he change next?

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