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I have a to-do list (actually, it’s in my mind – can’t write make a to-do list on a to-do list) that is expansive. You know how when you know time off is coming and you start putting things off till you reach the precious space where miraculously you will complete everything? I’ll open up that piece of mail tomorrow, I can read that article next week, I’ll respond to that email in a couple of days. Delay, put off, file – we all do this –right?

That’s where the presidents come in. Huh? You see I have this week off as for New York City Schools it is not Presidents’ Day but Presidents’ Week.  I think celebrating the 44 men who have held this most powerful position really does require a week. Actually, I heard that as part of the City’s fiscal crisis in the 1970’s, they began shutting schools Presidents’ Week (I believe it had something to do with the cost of heating the schools as well – ironic then that the forecast calls for temperatures to hit the mid 50’s this week).

So, now, ironically, the pressure is on: work on those delayed projects, spend time with family/friends, clean up, and catch up on movies.  Oh yeah, I also have to relax and let go of the pent up stress. I think I might need another week. Yes, I know that is not coming, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Of course, when I get to next Sunday night, there will still be some items not checked off. I used to feel a sense of frustration and disappointment when items were left unchecked on my list. Why was I unproductive? Why don’t I manage my time better?  For years, I used to think it wasn’t so much that I overbooked or my expectations were too grand but that I simply did not manage my time well.  I felt as if something was wrong with me. I think the productive gene runs in my family. I often hear my mom complain about herself saying she moves too slowly (now, granted, she is 70 plus years old and doesn’t move like she once did, but still does a great deal).  Now, in terms of long term health, the productive gene is one that you should wish for.  

So, the week off will end. I will get a lot done. I will wish I got a lot more done.  That’s the nature of the beast. I’ll wonder aloud to my wife – if she hasn’t started snoring yet – if I was productive enough – ponder the plusses and minuses.  There’s always next week.

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  1. That’s so great! We got a five day weekend but it’s over now. And I am a HUGE to do list person. I make one for days I’m off (I actually write it) because I love crossing off the items. I always start it off with #1: Make a to do list. Then I get to cross something off right away!

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