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The presidential race is finally nearing the finish line. Really, it is. I am not running for office or involved in the least (well, I did make contributions to some candidates I support, but that’s different), and yet, I am exhausted. This political junkie is ready for the election and a break. I can’t imagine how the presidential candidates feel, particularly the incumbent, who has to balance a somewhat stressful day job – leader of the free world – while he strives to secure a second term. He probably has the time management thing down. Either way, it’s hard to always look good.

Mitt Romney declared his candidacy for presidency way back in June of 2011 while other Republican contenders declared up to two months prior.  So, even if you discount the fact that many speculated he would run for president  the day after he suspended his campaign in 2008, he will be officially running for president for nearly a year and a half upon election day in early November. That is a great deal of time to be in the glare of the media.

In fact, it is so much time that things have gotten a bit silly. Yes, silly I say. With this excessive amount of time, 24/7 news cycle, and billions of dollars spent (I can’t believe that there are not better ways to spend the money), the information being disseminated is overkill. This political junkie believes that the election is critically important. The electorate should strive to be knowledgeable about each candidate’s positions and make an educated decision.

Every Saturday evening as we enjoy the final meal of the Sabbath, my friends and I debate over which candidate deserves to be elected. This week someone noted that a story about dresses worn by Michelle Obama and Ann Romney was placed prominently in the newspaper. Are you kidding me? Exactly how is that relevant? Now, if that was featured on “Kelly and Mike,” I could understand.  Unfortunately, this is not the first ‘story’ I have heard which is being passed off as hard news but is actually utterly unimportant.

Here are the headlines:

OBAMA PICKED HIS NOSE – In first grade, the man who would become president pulled out a bugger.  This disgusting act of poor hygiene proves he is incapable of running a clean campaign.

ROMNEY CHANGED LANES WITHOUT SIGNALING – While heading to work, Mr. Romney recklessly maneuvered his luxury car in front of a Hyundai. He must not care about the little guy.

OBAMA HICCUPED DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM – While attending his high school football team’s homecoming game during his senior year, the president hiccupped noticeably. He clearly had no pride in the anthem and is not a believer in American Exceptionalism.

ROMNEY DIDN’T LAUGH AT A JOKE – Doesn’t everybody think that comedians are hilarious? Well, Mitt Romney only smiled and didn’t laugh. He clearly is a stiff.

Am I joking? I think so. Just Google them and confirm…

Let’s get a grip everybody. Study the issues, the candidates’ positions, and vote for who you think will best serve our country. That’s what this political junkie is more than ready to do.

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  1. Hi,
    I believe your last two sentences states how deep lethargy has sunk into the lives of people in the western world. Many do not want to think or come up with their own opinions. They would rather have televison and the newspapers do it for them. It is really a pity because we see people not thinking anymore. It takes to much time and effort.

    So, we have a world being ruled by a few, because the majority has laid down their rights and privileges. It is too much work to think, to dream, to go reach for the stars and to fulfill their purpose in life. It makes me think of George Orwell and the Animal Farm. In such societies, it is quite easy for dictatorship to begin.

    When the people begin to realize that freedom of thought and the pursuit of happiness start with taking responsibility for themselves, and that relaxation and good times bring immensable joy by going through the rough times, that we will see a bright light of hope shining throughout the world.


  2. Hmmmm……great post, will be interesting to see the replies. I so want to be a smarty pants, but at last that would not contribute your post and only include me in the nasty debates I have so far kept myself out of as I decided last election whom to vote for this election and stated my opinion.

    You are completed correct, it is silly and shows how lazy and pity (me included) Americans have become. I always think of that movie, The American President with Michael Douglas and Michael J Fox in it. Where Fox’s and Douglas characters are arguing and Fox said, “In the absentee of genuine leadership……I am just going to post link, the movie says it better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKTqS4bXugg&sns=em

  3. I couldn’t agree more and I hadn’t even seen these headlines. Americans say they are tired of the smear campaigns but they seem very willing to perpetrate them. What a shame.

  4. I want to be well-educated politcally, but these people start talking and my brain goes dark. I will get the voter’s guide and pretend to study it this year, then once again I will just ask my husband to tell me whom to vote for. And then he will pick up that voter’s guide, shake it gently in my direction, and say, “You have to decide for yourself.” And then I will be forlorn all day, trying to do my duty while reeling in doubt and confusion.

    Being a grown up is so stressful.

    • As a die hard political junky from ages back, but I understand that it is easy to turn off the talking heads and try to ignore the frustration. I am voting for Romney, as I am a straight up, hardcore, no doubt about it conservative bordering on libertarian gun carrying female who is older than dirt. Besides, I have lived all over the world, trust me, a republic is waaaay better than the alternatives.

      I figure if you don’t bother to vote, then you have no right to complain if things don’t go your way. I love it that I have the right to vote for my leaders in this country. While abroad, I saw the frustration with the way politicians just picked who they wanted and that person won. No one got a say in it but the people in power. Voting is a right, but it is also a great honor.

      • I am also a political junkie but am annoyed with some of the ‘news’ reporting. I agree with your words about voting and your choice for president. I belive the incumbent has done a very poor job and is not worthy of reelection.

  5. How about “Paul Ryan farts in public. Polls say he must not care about the ozone level” Glad to see I made your blog indirectly..

  6. I started a twitter feed called @WTFPoliticians and stopped writing for it because of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to be productive with all the “WTF were these guys thinking?” moments. Admittedly, I’ve been a political junkie for years, so it shouldn’t surprise me. But I read the platforms, kept up with all the platform shifts of each candidate, and decided… to vote third party. Everyone should be informed of the platforms of all the candidates. Everyone should know the voting records of those who they vote for. And if you have to hold your nose in order to vote for someone, you probably should find someone else to vote for. I’m just so bleeding tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.

    • I did make those up, but they don’t seem out of the realm – do they?
      Anyway, I commend you for being an informed voter and applaud your quest for knowledge. I wish there were more people like you.
      I personally am going with another candidate from you. To each his own!

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