Please Come Back

It’s enough.

But it’s still on my mind.

Don’t bore your readers.  They’re tired of hearing you talk about this.

But aren’t you supposed to write what is on your mind? Isn’t that how the best blog posts get written?

I guess so. But consider your audience.

I do consider them, but I need one more entry, and I think it will be out of my system.

I’m sorry. Did you hear that? It was a conversation I was having with my writer self. I recently read about someone else conversing with their muse over at a blog – I follow (and recommend by the way).

Anyway, the storm and its affects are still on my mind. You see my family and I are still without power. I know, I know – so many people are really suffering while we are just inconvenienced.  I understand and feel bad for complaining.  However, last night the temperature got below 50 in my house while the darkness descended by 5. It was a long cold night and I am sick of this! I want my life back.

This weekend was a tease. We spent the weekend at my mother’s condominium. Heat, light – ahh the comforts of modern life.  It was beautiful and so appreciated.  It was hard to leave. I prayed that when we got home, and the electric would be back on.

No such luck. The electric company (PSEG) said we would be back by Sunday at midnight, then Monday at midnight, and then Tuesday at midnight. The have a PDF with each county and when the power will come on at each place. If they can predict it with such accuracy, why can’t they just make it faster? I’m sure they are doing their best but that does not take away the frustration.

I have been moving slowly since the storm has hit. This is not like me – I’m a doer. I make lists. I accomplish.  And now Sandy has struck, and everything has changed. Life has taken on a Ms. Havisham like pace.

I woke up last night somewhere in the early a.m. after dreaming of warmth.  I popped my head out from under my covers hoping that the heat had come on. The chill that hit my nose put reality in my face. I readjusted my hat and snuggled against the flannel sheets.

In the meantime, I am back at work and the children are back at school. We will return home as if it was a normal day. Then the darkness will descend, and we will be left sitting and hoping that tonight will be the night when normality truly returns.  I am tired of this!


37 thoughts on “Please Come Back

  1. Oh man, sorry to hear it. As a Floridian, I’ve lived through this with a number of hurricanes but somewhat in reverse – no power in the sweltering heat, once for TEN days.

    And as a native New Englander, my heart is with all of you on the East Coast. I promise, that moment when the power comes back on will be magical. Until then, stay warm 🙂

  2. Living without power for so many days sounds so incredibly hard! I feel for you and your family and hope your lives return to normal soon. Hang in there and know we’ll keep reading even if this is the topic of your next five posts!

    • Thankfully, the electricity did indeed come back.
      Venting can be helpful – get the frustration out of the system. If nothing else, it can make you too tired to be angry.
      Thanks for your comments.

  3. I just saw that your power came back on! YAY!! I think you have one more post in you about this … write a post about gratitude. When stuff like this happens, you really become thankful for the small things in life.

      • I would suggest you give it a few days, maybe write a Thanksgiving time post and in it you talk about how the storm showed you how to be grateful for the little things.

        You know, it kinda reminds me of Yom Kippur when you fast and sit in temple all day. By the end of the day, you find yourself being thankful for the little things like food, water, clothes to keep your body warm. Hurricanes have a way of making me feel like that too.

  4. I’m delighted to hear that you got your power back! I got mine back 2 days ago as well! So glad the worse of this storm is behind us. Heat and electricity feel like such a luxury right now. During the past week, I kept entering a dark room and flicking the light switch on out of habit, did you ever do that too? It’s so funny how we do things automatically. Glad to know you and your family are warm and getting back on track.

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