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School Ends and Summer BeginsToday is the last full day of summer. I know – it doesn’t feel that way to me either.

The beginning of summer is heralded. Excitement, possibility, and joy. Yet, the end of summer passes and no one notices. I chalk it up to Labor Day. The unofficial end to summer feels like the true end. Once Labor Day passes, it might as well be fall.

As the thought of summer ending came upon me, I thought about what my family and I had done this season. While the summer included the FLASH! and a dash of dog reading sprinkled with pizza, there was much more.

Check out some the great pics. By the way, the cameraman  woman for these pics is Ms. MMK. Thanks for being the camerawoman dear even though it means you end up in less of the pictures.

We did some fun things around the area where we live.


Yankee Stadium and Burr Hamilton Duel

We found time for sports.

Bike Riding and MetLife Stadium

We made our annual trip to Ocean City.

At Ocean City, NJ - The Jersey Shore

We love the water so much we needed more than our annual vacation.

Ramapo Reservoir and Bradley Beach

We checked out the local zoo.

Zoo at Van Saun Park

Finally, the boys went back to school.

Back to School

And so ends the summer of 2015. It was a good one.

So, what did you do this summer? Please leave me a comment and a picture. Let me share the joy.



11 thoughts on “Pictures of Summer

  1. Looks like a great summer! I went to a work conference… Mr. T went to church camp, cheer camp and skipped regular camping to visit his GF in Florida (she was there for the summer visiting her dad).
    I learned the other day that we get 2 excused absences from school to go visit colleges. I think we will take both of those days, whether or not we visit colleges 🙂

    • Busy summer for Mr. T. What about your fun adventures?
      Good luck with the college search. If you know anyone who needs help on the essay, give him or her my email.

  2. Sounds like it was a great summer. Love the pics, especially of the boys holding their noses. That’s usually me at the zoo.

    Ours was a summer of transition, getting the oldest ready to go off to college, so it was a little bittersweet. But we’re settled in now.

  3. I love all the pictures! We can’t believe it’s fall, either. Of course, it’s still almost 80 every day, so it still feels like August.

  4. We didn’t do much of anything this summer, but it was a whole lot better than our “doing nothing” last summer! (Thanks for the break, terrorists.)

    Funny thing is, around the time when school started, I began to wish for a vacation. Until then, we were just enjoying our “quiet” routine.

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