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Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day and so I am supposed to be romantic. However, I am not into this holiday – never have been. I don’t like being instructed on how I should behave/act because of the calendar. My wife is not so into the holiday either though she would never turn down flowers.

I want a quiet day. I need a quiet day. And I am sure wife shares my sentiment.

You know when you lose something and you are desperate to get it back? Maybe you lost your keys, or wallet, or phone, etc. Sure, it would be a pain in the ass and an unwanted expense to have to replace these items. However, ultimately, it is simply a pain, and there are no long-lasting effects. Yet if you find these items, you feel so lucky. You promise yourself you will maintain your newfound appreciating for the mundane. And you do. For a few days. Then, you slip back into normal.

Do you know how when things get crazy, you long for normal? You, or your spouse, or your children or everyone has been sick for a few days. Or the house is getting painted and everything is out of order. Or you have a project at work that is necessitating extra hours/stress. You have something like this going on and you long to be back in your normal routine.

That is where I am today. I armed myself with soda and chocolate to ensure my strength and energy. It’s days like these that I wish I sat in a cubicle and I stared at a computer all day. I would have been happy to have a slow day at work where I could have zoned out a bit.

Not the case.

Anyway, I am thrilled that my last class has ended, and I was relatively effective. The students may have learned something and no one got hurt. No huge goals or accomplishments.

There’s stuff going on with my older son’s school. If I was true to my blogger/writing self, I would provide details, but I don’t feel like sharing. I’m not in the mood. Maybe in the future.

My son is clearly bothered. He crawled into our bed last night. My night of sleep which began after 12 a.m. ended at 3:30 a.m. My wife is frustrated and angry. Me, well, I am longing for the routine and for everything to be fine. I want to hear my son’s typical monosyllabic replies to my question of, “How’s school?” And I want to believe his reply.

So, I hope you are enjoying this Valentine’s Day however you want to. May it be a normal day for you. Enjoy your routine.

23 thoughts on “Not Routine

  1. I’m sorry you are struggling today! I was just talking to a friend today about the sacrifices we make for our children, but nothing is worse than when they are going through something and a hug won’t fix it 🙁 I wish all of you well in dealing with whatever it is. And I hope that you get back into your rut really soon! 🙂 Best of luck!

    • You are right – wish it was as simple as a hug could fix it.
      I like that – maay I get back in my rut soon. Thanks for the wish.

  2. I hope you’re able to get back to “normal” soon. Being in a funk is no fun at all. Hope things get straightened out at your son’s school quickly, too.

  3. Hi Larry, I’m sorry to hear this, it must difficult to have your kid going through something difficult in school. I hope everything will get fixed soon! also hope you will all enjoy a relaxing evening, you need it! Maybe tonight will be better for your family. Good evening!

    • Thanks Linda. I am happy to say that today went okay for my son – well, at least we were not told otherwise. That’s a good sign.

  4. Hi,

    Same here! Never had any liking for Valentine’s Day and so I never celebrate it. Doesn’t mean I am not romantic, but I consider myself romantic all the time, even when I am moody. So, believe it or not I know where you are at. Everybody goes through those times when all hell breaks loose and we don’t want to share, at least I do. I am in one of those periods right now. Things happen, so hang in there and flow through it. It will pass and before you know it, things will be back to normal. It may take some time though, that’s why I say hang on and try to enjoy the ride.


  5. Oh yes, there is nothing like being off course and just wanting to focus on one thing…to fix it, to ponder it, etc. and having everyday life get in the way makes it very hard. I wish you a relaxing weekend!

  6. I was so engrossed in my own mood on Valentine’s Day that I didn’t notice that you were in a mood of your own. Sorry that you were having a tough day. I hope’s it’s better. And what’s more, I hope your son has a better time of it this week. It’s hard to see your child hurting.

    • No worries. I am a bit better – happy to have a long weekend away from school. It will continue to be stressful till June. I am more worried for my wife than anyone else.

  7. Sorry to hear life is rough/stressful/hard/troubling for you right now. I hope things get better soon. Still enjoying your blog…even though I’m not commenting much. Things are really busy for me and it’s about all I can do to keep up with the ready. But I felt a comment was necessary this time. I do hope things start to look normal for you again soon.


    • I am slow on the uptake – LTO?
      Thanks for checking in Nancy. I appreciate it and am glad to hear from you. We will be okay. June will certainly be a cure to the issues at my son’s school. Till then, we will do our best and hopefully the rest of the school year can be uneventful.

    • Truthfully, Valentines Day is not a Jewish Holiday – it’s for St. Valentine, so we shouldn’t celebrate it. However, mothers day and fathers day are fine with all religions (they even made the 10 commandments). My wife and I do celebrate it with/for each other and with my mom.

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