Not Quite Mr. Mom

I feel guilty. I shouldn’t. I’ve done nothing wrong. You see, I am not working this summer. One cool thing about being a teacher is having summers off. However, I normally work during the summer. This summer is different.
The plan was for me to play Mr. Mom. Between driving my kids to and fro camp and spending time with them before and after camp began, I was to have a full or at least occupied schedule. Yes, there would be some extra down time for me to relax and regroup for the coming school year. I would have time to do those chores that are always put off till “I’ll do it when I get a chance.” There would also be some time for reading and writing and other fun things. However, my main priority this summer was to be there for my children. They needed me. So, I would stay home for their sake. I was going to be responsible by not working. I would play a bigger part in their lives than during the hectic school year when I am stressed and perpetually aware of the time.
Things changed. My younger son, Shamai, was having a great time in camp. He came home happy and tired. A combo deal that parents of young children would take any day. So, my wife and I decided to send him for the second encampment as well. Isn’t that great? Well, yes it is. However, what am I supposed to do?
I’ll be honest. I was never 100% comfortable not working. In fact, I searched for a job that would fit into my limited schedule. I spoke to my employer from the last two summers, and she told me she could not hire me because of my lack of availability. I tried to get some clients for one on one tutoring (still am trying – if interested – contact me). I’ve done this in the past, I enjoy it, and the pay is good. No luck. Anyway, I contented myself. I will be there for the children.
Now, Shamai is in camp for 3 extra weeks, and I have hours each day when both children are out of the house. Oh yeah, I still am the boy’s chauffeur, their Wii partner, their sports instructor, and fellow SpongeBob watcher. So, there is still plenty of bonding time, but this is not what I signed up for. I am not complaining or even asking for my money back (never earned any – part of the problem). I got lots of time with Larry, yup. I keep busy – that’s not the problem. I just feel guilty sometimes – shouldn’t I be working? I could use the money. Give me a minute, and I could give you 10 things to spend the money on. I tried to get work – really, I did. But, it didn’t work out. That’s okay, right? I’ll think about it next time I have my feet up in my quiet house doing what I want to do.

4 thoughts on “Not Quite Mr. Mom

  1. Find a project and then you won’t feel guilty……..
    paint the bathroom, organise the closets, clean the garage

    But Larry – take a look at our ancestors…… guilt is just part of us!

  2. Larry, I enjoyed reading this piece. The title is quite catchy and the tone is quite informal and relevant. Keep up the writing. Pretty soon I will be reading one of your bestsellers.

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