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I love movies. Comedies, drama, and action movies – I like all kinds of movies. Must have entertainment. I like the whole movie experience – unga bunga, give me popcorn. So, it is no surprise that as I mentioned previously, I LOVE NETFLIX! I want to shout it loud. I want everyone to know. I think it is an awesome system. I get a movie, watch it, put it in my mailbox, and two days later I have another movie. I do not have to leave my house – all my entertainment arrives in my mailbox. They even use the word queue, a nice, dignified, and reasonable term, to note the list of movies I have waiting for me. Beau-ti-ful.  I just wish I had bought stock in the company a couple of years ago.

Summers are the time when I make my way through my queue sometimes seeing as many as 20 movies in the months of July and August. I catch up on movies that I was not able to get to the previous winter. So, seeing all those movies is a type of organizing. Well, I tell myself this as it makes me feel that it really is a good use of time. Also, I get to eat popcorn. Why does it taste better with a movie? I’ve watched movies just so I could eat popcorn.

What’s the point? This summer has been mediocre. Mediocre! Sing it with me. That’s all I seem to see this summer.  Nothing has been that kind of movie that makes you put down the computer so you don’t miss one line of dialogue. They are all reviewed by wife and me as “it was okay. Some good parts. No, Sara, you did not miss much when you fell asleep.”  I need more. So, can you help me? Do you have a recommendation? Please. The summer is almost over, and I need a good movie.  Darn Hollywood!

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  1. we have to go to ridgewood on a tuesday before school starts, cause once school starts you become a boy who cant stay up late

    lets bring eli and talk!!!!

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