Mickey Mouse Questions and Thoughts

Walt Disney was a genius. No doubt. That little mouse he created has made him and his heirs billions of dollars. The mouse and his crew have brought joy to children for decades. Mickey Mouse is an American icon.

It seems like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse television show is on perpetually in my house. I have tried to convince SJ, my six year old, he’s too old for the show and he should consider other programming options. He’s not budging.

So, while I was familiar with Mickey Mouse and his friends before this obsession – they are icons you know, I have gotten to know Mickey and crew on a deeper level over the last few months. This more frequent association has led me to a few questions and observations.

Let me run these Mickey Mouse questions and thoughts by you.

Why doesn’t Pluto get to talk? How come he walks on all fours and actually behaves like a dog, when Goofy gets to talk and stand erect? My wife decided that Goofy had a mother who advocated for him at school. I believe Pluto never got early invention.

Despite being able to walk and talk, Goofy is stupid. Sure, you would think this goes with the name, but he’s not goofy – he’s just dumb. I’m a teacher, and I understand such things. How many times does Goofy have to be told that to get a mouseketool, you have to say, “Oh toodles?” This leads me to question how Walt Disney felt about dogs. He must have been bitten by a dog at some point.

Then, there is Pete. SJ insists that he is a cat. I don’t know how he knows this. Also, is he a good guy or a bad guy? It seems to change with each episode. I find this confusing.

Donald Duck is generally just trouble. He adds little, always screws everything up, and is occasionally cranky.

Minnie is extremely girly and a good friend.

Daisy comes up with many good and helpful ideas. She is by far the smartest and most helpful in getting the job done.

Then, there is Mickey – the ring leader. He’s perpetually happy and goal oriented. This is Walt Disney’s version of a motivational speaker.






Too many Mickey Mouse questions and thoughts. I think way too much about this. I may have lost it. I really have to get control of that remote.

Well, the Philadelphia sports teams have been poor this season, so maybe watching Mickey and crew is actually just what I need. As they say, “Come inside, it’s fun inside.”

By the way, maybe you can answer a question I have about Dr. Von Drake…


31 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Questions and Thoughts

  1. That’s funny. Thanks to Erica’s daughter, I’ve learned that the Mickey Mouse song has changed since I was a kid. And for the record, I don’t know if Pete is a cat or not, but unless he’s had a massive personality change, he’s mean! He was always trying to use a short cut and was always putting Goofy down and saying mean things!
    I guess I won’t complain about all of the episodes of Spongebob that I’ve had to sit through. I can tell you exactly how many times he’s taken his driving test and failed… 523. (Ok, I made that up!)

    • I like Spongebob! I have had in mind to write a blog post spelling out his good points and may just do so after you said this.
      Yes, you are right. Poor Sponge Bob has failed his driving test a number of times.

  2. I saw that occasionally when my son was younger and have managed to avoid it since then. That is some seriously bad entertainment! Walt would be so disappointed.

    We obtained a few DVD’s of Mickey and Goofy classic cartoons…now those are funny.

    • Well, he may be dissapointed but he would still be cashing the check. Fifty billion and one, fifty billion and two, fifty billion and three…

  3. Oh poor Larry…you’ve suffered months of MMCH?? I’ve now been a friend of MMCH for two years…two.long.years. My daughter started watching MMCH at 3 months old…I know, I know, too young for t.v. But it captivated her and gave me 23 minutes of time to myself first thing in the morning after she nursed. I loved it, but it became an obsession and we still have to have our daily Mickey fix. I’ve seen every episode, at least twice. I’m a little worried about the fact that SJ loves it at 6?! How many more years of this do I have??
    To answer your questions, we believe that Pete IS a cat, I don’t believe he’s necessarily good or bad…but definitely sneaky. We call him sneaky Pete around here! Pluto does express himself on occasion, but nope, never talks. Not sure what to say about Goofy, he is dumb…my least favorite of the group. I do think Walt was bit as a child…have you ever seen an original Mickey? Mickey is MEAN to Pluto 🙁 Donald is trouble but he always learns a lesson in the end, I think he’s used to teach many of the lessons they’re trying to get across. The girls are sweet as pie, just as they should be 🙂
    Hope you enjoy many more months of MMCH! 🙂

    • Hope I enjoy many more months of MMCH – are you mean now? Let me be free. look I ams orry ou have had 2 years of this with no end in sight but you need to similarily curse me. Please noooooooo!
      I can’t remember the orginal Mickey. However, what you are saying sounds more interesting than this. It must be!

  4. We don’t have the micky mouse clubhouse show on t.v. here, at least I don’t think we do, so I do not know what it is like. But sometimes it is very relaxing to just watch a bit of children’s t.v.

    • In general, I don’t mind being in the room when the kids shows are on. However, some shows I like better than others and when they are on all the time – anything can be annoying.

  5. well Larry, you know how I feel about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (aka Micky Maus Wunderhaus as we watch the german version). I don’t mind them watching, I prefer that to other nonsense mean cartoons. I see you have given much thought into each character, I am afraid I haven’t really watched it together with them. I seize the opportunity and enjoy my 23 minutes of peace.

    • Good for you. Enjoy the peace.
      I agree that it can encourage good qualities/traits but too much of anything can be too much – as they say.

  6. This is hilarious Larry! My kids watch this too but I have never actually watched it with them but seeing that I’m in the same room doing something else I guess I have subconsciously been hearing it all because that song is always playing in my head!

    • I feel that is my state most of the times when in the room with my children watching tv. However, as you can tell, sometimes, my subconscious is too on.
      Roll Call!
      Darn song!

  7. Our kids have finally convinced us to let them move up into a whole new realm of Disney shows, and I can’t tell you how relieved we both are. Good Luck Charlie is actually funny for the whole family. After the kids were in bed the other night I almost watched an episode by myself. But that seemed like taking it too far.

    Good luck helping them switch over!

    • I am so ready the switch over. I guess I am a little more advanced when it comes to my programming interests. Darn kids!
      Thanks for bringing hope.

  8. I don’t think I’ve been exposed to said torture, I mean show. I can, however, still sing along with Blues Clues, Bear In the Big Blue House and will never forget the names of the Teletubbies. Your brain will never be the same again. Consider yourself duly warned. 🙂

    • I hear you. I know other shows too. ANyway, a different time and a different torture.
      I am sad to hear about my poor brain. Not good news.

  9. Hi Larry, I’ve seen this show many times, not with son but with my nephew because he likes to pass on comments about what he’s watching with me, as for when it’s on at our house; my son doesn’t seem to like this show so much; I have noticed he plays with his toys instead of watching it, so I just turn of the TV and he doesn’t mind. Unfortunately, I have never noticed those observations, now I will. ha!ha! I have to admit, hubby and I we both enjoy watching cartoons when our son is with us and many times, we have noticed we both enjoy the cartoons more than he does! 🙂

      • Oh! no! 🙂 Well, for now, he prefers cars and toys, but loves it when he can hear the cartoons in the background! Maybe when he will be 2 years old, we will see! ha!ha! (not kidding about hubby and I enjoy watching cartoons) 🙂

  10. I was just laughing loud about your thoughts Larry. And I do thank you for sharing them! Of course I grew up with Micki and his friends like so many other kids. But I have to admit: So far I just took them the way they were – no analysis about their characters and IQ’s. LOOOOOL
    Thanks a lot for making me laugh. 🙂

      • Hahaha “is he a good guy or a bad guy…seems to change with each episode” I can relate to that on a deep soul stirring level.

        Why doesn’t Goofy ever talk?!

        Profound observations.

        • Goodfy talks – it’s Pluto that doesnt. Let’s get this straight here.
          Deep soul stirring level. Hmmm. I think I am not the only one who is overthinking this.

  11. You, my friend, have indeed lost it! And losing it looks good on you! This was such a fun, funny post. Am thinking all of these questions and thoughts are preparing you for a much-needed real life trip to see the Mouse. Is 2013 the year? I think it may be …

    • I think 2013 is the year or next Winter. And don’t tell me you have never thought like this about some show. Please don’t tell me that.
      Btw, I plan on writing about Sponge Bob soon. Stay tuned.

  12. Either you have way too much time on your hands, or you’ve been on a great vacation! I like that you know so much about the Disney Characters, that says a lot about you as a dad. So, if you were to be a Disney Character, which one matches your personality?

    • I just find it hard to completely shut off when my children have the televison on in my room.
      Out of the characters I mentioned, I would most want to be like Daisy. These are never words I would have expected myself to utter.

  13. Hi,

    I can only say I loved Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse is still one of my favorites. Yes, I still watch it. I bought those films for my godchild when he was small. Now he is 29 years of age and still watches them every now and then with his godmother.

    So hurrah for Mickey Mouse.


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