Meet My Son, SJ

Son playing on his KindleI was sitting at the kitchen table last week writing a blog post. SJ, my seven-year old son, was at the table as well. He said to me, “I want to write a blog post.”

I laughed, “That’s cool but not now.”

“When,” he asked.

I didn’t have an answer, “I don’t know buddy.”

He asked repeatedly throughout the day, “I’m ready. Are you ready?”

“No, I’m not ready. Please stop asking me.”

While SJ has created, okay co-created, many Captain Underpants stories, I wasn’t so sure my son was up to a blog post.

So, I did the next best thing. I interviewed SJ. He really is a funny character as you may have noticed here or here or here

Anyway, here is my recent interview with my younger son. It’s slightly edited and includes responses to some prompts not noted.

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are home?
I like to play on my Kindle. Well, there are certain games. There’s Angry Bird Start War and other Angry Bird games and Ice Age Village and Minecraft.

2. If you could decide dinner tonight, what would we have?
Umm, I would have noodles, hot dogs and sauce cause I really like it. I don’t want to make it cause I’m not a grown up.

3. What do you like to play when you are with your friends?
Umm in the playground, we play mostly Star Wars. We have to choose characters from Star Wars. We have two Lukes. Then we pretend the jungle gym is the death star. The other part of the blacktop is the ship of the good guys.

4. How do you think your friends would describe you?
Funny, likes to sing, nice

5. What job do you want to have when you get older?
Construction worker cause I like going in high places like roller coasters.

6. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Flying cause its cool. I can go in higher places and touch the clouds.

7. What is the first thing you tell people about yourself when you meet them? What do you ask them?
I read Captain Underpants, I’m funny. I love my Kindle.

8. You like to perform. What do you enjoy it?
Cause its nice hearing music. I feel happy about making other people happy.

9. What is your favorite part about camp?
The waterslides. They’re so fun. I could go belly backwards. It’s so fun. Today when I went down, I flipped over and landed on my belly. Then, I got out of the waterslide and went over to the other one.

10. What is your favorite thing to learn in school?
Math. Well, addition and subtraction are really fun. I like adding and subtraction a lot. The fun is I can draw pictures or x’s on them when subtracting.

11. Why is your father the best dad ever?
Did you have to say that? It’s a little too dramatic. Cause he’s funny, he reads to me, and we play Family Feud on the Kindle.

12. What are some fun things you like to do with your mother?
Read at night and go around on my scooter

13. Who do you like better Harold or George and why?
I don’t know. I only like Captain Underpants. He’s one of the funniest super heroes I ever read. Really, it’s true. The funniest one I ever read so far was. Umm, it’s really hard to pick. Please read the whole Captain Underpants series. You will laugh so much.

As you can tell, SJ has a great sense of humor and is sensitive. My goofy loud son can drive me, crazy but he’s a pretty great kid.

By the way, feel free to send SJ questions. He’ll be happy to answer them.

8 thoughts on “Meet My Son, SJ

  1. talking to sj is easy peazy lemon squeezy. your kids are great, you and mrs mmk should be very proud of both of them.

  2. I feel like my son needs to check out some Captain Underpants at the library because its clearly the best ever.

    Also, the last time I asked my children what their favorite thing about me was I’m pretty sure the answer was that I buy them things. I think I may need to remedy that!

    • I think my children would answer the same thing about my wife. I’m not that generous so they have to come up with another answer.

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