Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

Philadelphia Sports Stadiums

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I have lived in the New York area for nearly 20 years. I’ve adopted many New York habits—walk aggressively and see red lights as optional, memorize where to stand on the subway platform for optimal entry and egress, and pronounce Houston not like the city in Texas.

However, I root for the Philadelphia sports teams. Let me explain.

The explanation is rather simple, actually. I am a product of my environment—the fourth son of a sports-crazed Philadelphia family.

My mother is still bitter over the 1950 World Series between the Phillies and Yankees. She anguishes over the three one-run losses. My oldest brother spit at the television while watching a Sixers-Celtics game. My next oldest brother was convinced he was bad luck and could not bring himself to watch the key moments of the 1980 National League Championship Series between the Phillies and Houston. My European born grandmother waved an Eagles pennant and ate pizza while watching the 1980 Super Bowl.

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4 thoughts on “Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

  1. Mercy, I wish I had something to add to this conversation today. But I don’t, because I don’t get sports. No one in my family does, except my father. And he just uses the games as background noise for his Sunday afternoon naps.

    But I hope things work out for your boys to love the same teams. That would be great.

  2. Never having been a sports fan, not even hockey (alas, I am a bad Canadian), I don’t fully understand the whole “fan” scene. However, I do appreciate the loyalty that is learned from being a sport fan. I’ve also seen some wonderful bonding moments happen because of a love for a team. I hope you and your son have many bonding moments over your Phillie teams.

    • Thanks for the wishes.
      You really don’t like hockey? I thought every Canadian did indeed like hockey. They might revoke your passport.

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