Little League Is Bringing Us Closer

Father & Son ready for Little League opening day

BR & I ready for Little League opening day



This past weekend was the big game. It was opening day of my 10-year-old’s first season of Little League Baseball. And it was opening day for me as a coach.

Yup, just another day on the calendar. Nope!

P.S. You may recall that yesterday Mom in the Muddle did a guest post here on my blog. Today, I am guesting on her blog, so to read the post, click MMK on Mom in the Muddle’s blog. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Little League Is Bringing Us Closer

    • I’m sorry it left you dissapointed. I’m sure, however, he participated in many other things that left you proud.

  1. And now welcome to my world! I’m glad that our season is winding down, wait until you see how much time it takes every week for all this.
    BUT the good part is that bonding thing. Nothing like a little game to bring a dad and his son together 🙂

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