Kind of Crazy Cold

Today, Monday, is the first day that the temperature is predicted to go over the freezing mark in about a week. Yeah, I know it’s January, it’s winter. I get it. So, I expect it to be cold. But these temperatures have been crazy cold. Want to know how crazy? (Yes, Larry, how crazy cold has it been?) Thanks for your interest – let me tell you.

It’s been:

Soup for every meal kind of crazy cold.

Cell phone works with bare hand only then stay in my pocket kind of crazy cold.

Spit turns to ice upon hitting the ground kind of crazy cold.

Insist kids wear gloves and hat no matter how much they complain kind of crazy cold.

Need to knit your dog a sweater kind of crazy cold.

Afraid of the heat bill kind of crazy cold.

Can we retire to Florida now kind of crazy cold.

Wish I had a way to preheat the car kind of crazy cold.

Where can I buy one of those scary ski masks kind of crazy cold.

How many layers can I wear with out falling over kind of crazy cold.

Keep food cold in the garage kind of crazy cold.

Didn’t know that body part could get that cold kind of cold.

Hell freezing over might be warmer kind of crazy cold.

Hey it’s in the 20’s and that’s not so bad kind of crazy cold.

Counting down 51 more days to spring kind of crazy cold.

It’s been… ahh you get the point. Anyway, as my childhood friend, MG, reminds me, the past couple of winters have been relatively mild. So, this crazy cold streak is just the odds coming in.

So let’s hear from you – what would you add to my ‘that kind of crazy cold’ list?


35 thoughts on “Kind of Crazy Cold

  1. Hi Larry, here is Montreal is was “crazy” cold last week , really “crazy” cold, our heating bill must be really high now, today it’s better for us! As I’m writing this, it’s snowing and our yard is full of snow, so our dogs can’t go outside by themselves; and I’m the one stuck putting boots and coat on so they can go in front our house and my son who follows me everywhere; insists to go outside with me (& I can’t leave him alone), so every time they go, it becomes a family affair! ha!ha! our house was so cold last week I made my dogs wear my son’s newborn sweaters , ha!ha! Hope the rest of the week will get warmer!

  2. Running out of clean pants kinda cold.
    Actually wearing socks kinda cold.
    Discovering I actually own snow boots kinda cold.
    Oh wait, that was my winter! It’s 79 right now, but way humid, as the Gulf has heated up and we have massive storms coming through tomorrow. I hope that you can stay warm – that’s too cold for me!

      • LOL, I do have issues with pants! Yes, rain – very slight risk of a tornado. Naturally, it’ll hit about lunch time, and today would be the day I have a lunch meeting! 🙂 Be safe, stay warm!

  3. The ground is too frozen for the cemetery guy to dig new graves crazy cold!

    And we feel. your. pain. Last night we had freezing rain, wind, sleet, lightening, and then rain. More than 200 districts closed school today.

  4. Great list! I would add: ‘doorknobs on the inside part of the door are cold’ crazy cold… maybe it’s just the kind of doorknobs we have but it’s a shock every time I touch them!

  5. Good list. It was “even the middle school-aged kids are wearing coats” kind of cold. At least it was a couple of days ago when I finally saw kids wearing actual outerwear and not just hoodies to school.

  6. Excellent list! I’d add entire body is clenched and tears freeze on face kind of crazy cold. I tried on a Daniel Boone style hat yesterday but my daughters told me I looked ridiculous. Add – I couldn’t care less how I look as long as I’m semi-warm kind of crazy cold!

      • No I’m in the Orlando area BUT I love going to the Keys for a vacation! It’s going to be 85 today and this is the best time of year to live here. I’m not a big fan of the heat either so summer is tough if you don’t have a pool or an AC.

  7. It has been crazy weather here (although crazy weather is pretty normal in the UK), we had a couple of weeks of snow, ice and very low temperatures and now it is unusually warm. I don’t mind the cold myself, it makes inside all warm and cozy. And the snow was so much fun!

    • Glad you are enjoying the snow and the cold weather. The cold weather is certainly less bothersome when you are looking at it from a comfortable place.

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