It’s Funny – Right?

The other day someone told me they had a cancer scare. And I laughed. Wait, wait, wait. Before you judge me, I am not some insensitive beast. Really, I’m not. The woman was reading a piece she had written. She found a lump and was freaked out. The story focused primarily on the anxiety she faced while uncertain if it was malignant, and how the doctors completely lacked any bedside manner. Then, there was the medical staff who instructed her that she would have to wait weeks before even seeing the doctor. Maybe, you had to be there. I don’t know. But it was funny stuff – trust me. Hey, don’t judge. I’m not the only one who thinks anxiety is funny. Heck, Woody Allen has made a career out of this sort of thing!

I love the Three Stooges. I used to wake up early Sunday mornings to watch the fools. Well, early by teenage standards. I’d grab some breakfast, plop myself in front of the television, and turn to channel 29 at 10:00. Smacking faces, pulling hair, hitting heads together – more, more, more. Loved it! My father would come down the stairs, watch for a moment and then look at me. He’d turn up his face and ask, “What are you laughing at? What’s so funny?”

I did not appreciate his interruption. “Huh. I don’t know. It’s just funny.”

He’d turn to watch for another moment, imitate my cackling (that’ what he always called it), and mutter, “Why is it funny to see people hit each other?”

Why not? Many people loved the Stooges who, like Mr. Allen, had a long, successful, and lucrative career. It’s called slapstick. And I loved it. You liked it too, right? You got up early on Sunday mornings or flipped on the television as soon as you got home from school to watch the Stooges and laughed your ass off as they smacked each other around. Right?

“It’s not nice to laugh, Daddy,” SY reprimanded me. He had tripped, his arms went flailing and he said, “Oomph.” He was fine. Okay, he had a couple of little marks on his body but nothing earth shattering. There wasn’t even any blood. So, I laughed. You would have laughed too if you had seen it. Hilarious.

Look, I said in the “About” section that I laugh at weird times. I am not a masochist. I feel empathy. I wait until I see the person is fine…then, I laugh. Not weird, nothing wrong with that. This does not hearken back to some deep-seated issues. I’m fine. Really.

14 thoughts on “It’s Funny – Right?

  1. I’m completely with you, I can’t help but laugh when people fall over,but only if they’re ok. It is even better when they do it on tv. Obviously if they get hurt it’s not funny. Once, when we were having some fireworks inour back garden, my father in law, who used to be in the army, ran after lighting a rocket and he tripped. He did this sort of tug and roll thing as if to protect himself from imaginary enimy fire, I laughed at that for days, actually years after the even every time sometime brings it up I get the giggles.

  2. Well I don’t really like slapstick, but I do like dark humor so I definitely agree with you there. My husband once fell down the stairs and I laughed before I even asked him if he was okay and I didn’t really even feel that bad about it, it was pretty funny. Plus, he was okay in the end. =D

  3. Hi,
    Believe it or not I loved the three stooges and often got up to watch them. My family all wondered what I was laughing about. I did the same thing with Amos and Andy. Somehow that slapstick comedy gave me a channel to let out frustration that was bottling up in me. Today, I usually laugh about things that other people don’t find funny at all. Especially in time of a crisis, i have had to contain my laughter. Strange but I consider it refreshing.
    Very nice article and I enjoyed reading it.

    • I definitely beleive it! I am with you in many ways. There have been plenty of times where I am ready to make a joke and or laugh when others are simply not there. it can be awkward.

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