I Won’t Write That

Won't Write that: Children Should Not Be Fodder for a blogI can’t write that.

I can’t write about my children as I once did. Let me amend that. I won’t write about my children like I once did.

My children are 10.5 and 8. They have strong opinions. They are online all the time. They know I have a blog. No, they don’t read the blog (unless I read it to them) but instead spend their time on video games and Youtube.

Share Every Detail

We all know of parenting blogs that were started five minutes after the stick indicated positive. You know the type of bloggers I’m talking about. They share the countdown till when the baby is born from morning sickness, to Lamaze classes, to packing the bag, and of course, their anxiety. Am I really ready for this? Will I be a good parent? Will the baby be healthy? What sex will the baby be? Of course, that is only the beginning. Once the baby, is born you dear reader hear about every step (literally) of the child’s development. It’s a combination of sweet and nauseating.

Yup, there’s only about 5 million blogs that fit that description. Don’t blink because there’s hundreds more starting each day. And why not? There’s about a million things to write about and absolutely zero reason to filter if you are the type who wants to share. It’s not like the kid will know. Shoot, you can be downright Kardashian like if you want. Bear all. Let the world know every detail.

I, of course, would not have done that. Bear all and ultimately bore all with details that few really care about.  Now, the fact that I started my blog 3.5 years ago when my children were already 7 and 3.5 has nothing to do with it.

Not Kardashian Like

Ahh, who am I kidding? I’m sure I would have done something similar – not a full downright Kardashian, I don’t think – if I was into blogging at that stage in my life.

Anyway, my children were a bit older when I started blogging. In fact, my children were old enough to be going on the internet when I started blogging (don’t judge – soon they will invent a Kindle that can be played in utero) and playing games. Now, they didn’t quite recognize that there was much beyond the games that were put in front of them. So, the chances of them finding my blog were about the same as spinning straw into gold.

Yes, it was an innocent time. My filter was just about zero – yes, it was downright Kardashian like.  Well, my wife put some filters on certain personal material. Yet, I wrote some posts about topics that may have embarrassed or bothered my children if they actually read them. That was never my intention, and if it does come back to hurt them in any way, I’d feel terrible. After all, a condition of their childhood is not being fodder for my blog. My children are entitled to do some stupid, funny, embarrassing, and great things without it being advertised.

Expand The Filter

Yet that is how it worked and still does. They are central to my life, and I am writing a personal blog. So, it is natural that my children come up. I want to share their adventures and achievements, lows and highs, positives and negatives.  However, I have to expand the filter as my children get older and their awareness and sensitivities grow. Before posting, my consideration needs to expand beyond, “This will make for a great post. Readers will love this.”  I need to think, “How will this make my children feel?” After all, they have a right to some privacy. .

I don’t know how much longer I’ll maintain the blog. I do know I enjoy blogging and will continue to do so as long as that is the case. However, I’ll have to adjust and remember some topics are off limits. know it’s not downright Kardashian like of me, but there are some things that I won’t write. My children deserve that.

18 thoughts on “I Won’t Write That

  1. I’m with you–I want to respect my kids’ privacy. The only things I post about them are funny things they’ve said, and I always ask their permission first. If they say, “Don’t put that on your blog,” I don’t. There are some people in my community who read my blog, and I don’t want to put my teens in that position. I’m sure the same is true for you since your kids are older now, too.

  2. There are boundaries in blogging and I am careful with them too. I don’t write about my children the way I used to because they do own some of these stories in a way I don’t.

    It is part of why I picked a pen name so that it would be more challenging for their friends/school mates to find them online.

    • Yeah, my kids are at that age when I need to be more careful. I know their friends are going on my site either but I suppose someone could come upon even if not intentionally.

  3. I respect your decision, but my child is excellent fodder for my blog, and I don’t agree that he shouldn’t be. He is hysterical, smart and comes up with some amazing things! But, I think he can be fodder for my blog and I can still have filters and boundaries that are acceptable to him, and to me!

    • I think you are misunderstanding what I am saying. I think we have a similar position. I’m not saying I never plan on writing about the children again, but I need to be more careful and discreet. Isn’t that similar to what you are saying in your last sentence?

      • Very similar! I agree with most of your post – I disagree with the picture and tag line! I totally think my kid should be fodder for my blog!

  4. You are a wonderful considerate father which I admire deeply. And you’re a talented writer. I’m sure you will find things beyond your kids to write about!! There are so many subjects!

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