I Need Your Support

Support MMKIn a few days, we, the citizens of the United States, will be picking a president. I’ve made the decision not to support any of the presidential candidates. I’ll write in a candidate. Don’t ask me who. I’ve yet to decide. My vote is one of protest rather than one for a particular individual.

The Idea

As a college student, I was shy. So, going to parties and meeting people was a challenge. After inquiring about a major, if the person did not share my obsession with sports or Springsteen, I had little else to say. No game!

There was one conversation starter I did share with people that often drew a reaction, “I’m running for president in 2020. I hope I can count your support.”  By the way, this statement came with some thought. I figured I would be a nice round age in 2020 and will have accomplished great things by then. It would be time to give back before sliding into a lengthy and pleasant retirement.

Anyway, I shared this intention with strangers and friends. It never failed to get a smile. Some people asked about policies before they committed their vote. Others insisted on patronage. Commitments to Ambassadorships to various warm islands was enough to sew up those holdouts.

Since college, I’ve held a number of jobs including teacher and writer. I’ve worked in a number of different fields. However, when considering my past objectively, I can admit that I have yet to build a resume that is presidential. It’s hard seeing the truth.

The Inspiration

But then came along the two candidates who represent the major parties this year. I don’t even want to say their names – if you’re at all like me, then you’ve heard more than enough about the election of 2016. I’m so fatigued.

Anyway, for those of you who have found a candidate you are happy with, – good for you. I hope he or she, if elected, will prove even better than you expected. After all, that would be the best thing for our country, and that is what we all should want.

Personally, I’m ready to move on from these two greatly flawed candidates. I just hope they don’t screw up the country or bring further shame than they have already during the election process.

I Hope I Can Count On Your Support

One thing these two candidates have done – and I am thankful to them for this – is inspire me to say that I too can run for president. After all, I don’t come with the baggage they come with.

I have not insulted whole groups of people.
I have not been accused of sexual assault.
I have not lied to the American people repeatedly.
I have not used my influence as a way of illegally securing funds.
I have not cheated people who worked for me.

Bonus: I’m articulate, and I REALLY know the best words.

I’m not one to jump the gun. Heck, I get annoyed when I have to hear holiday music in November.

So on that note, I’m not ready to formally announce my candidacy. What I am asking from you, my wonderful readers, is to let me know you are out there. That you too are fed up with our voting options. That you too want someone who has convictions yet also appreciates that life is about compromise. That you too want someone who truly appreciates ‘regular people’ and understands struggle.

Now, I’ve yet to tell you about any of my policy ideas. I don’t want to get bogged down in details yet. However, I’d like to share one policy idea to help sway you to make that groundswell for nomination of a President MMK.

I’m a strong believer in education, and it will be a priority in my White House. Standardized tests have a place in the system but currently, they are overwhelming. Elementary school children must have recess, and homework should be kept to a minimum. Technical Education schools need to be revitalized and respected for how they can assist students who have the desire to learn practical skills.

There’s more to my education plan, but I’ll stop there for now.

Three more core beliefs.

I believe that government is not the answer to every problem but is necessary to help those in need.
I believe that work is honorable and those that do so should not be struggling to make ends meet.
I believe in a strong military and hope it will act as a deterrence and be used minimally.

So, what do you say? Interested in an MMK Presidency? Just, give me the heads up, and I’ll be the first candidate to put together an exploratory committee.

Can I count on your support?

P.S. We won’t always agree, but I will always keep you in mind.

PPS. Feel free to check my background. I have done things I am not proud of and have not always made the right choices. I’m human.

PPPS. One last qualification – I’m an engaged father.


12 thoughts on “I Need Your Support

  1. I tried 3 times to vote the past 2 weeks – the lines have been so long here during early voting! I finally hit it just right and got my vote in! Mr. T was able to vote on campus, so he participated in his first presidential election. It’s pretty amazing!

    • Good for you guys for your perseverance. Cool that he can now vote – bummer for his options.

      So, I’m not hearing any commitment of support. Really Kate? I was expecting more enthusiasm!

    • It’s worth something to me. Thank you sir. With a good attitude such as this, there might be a place for in my administration.

  2. You made me smile! The country would be lucky to have you! I agree with every policy and belief you outlined so far.
    I cannot wait until this election is over!!!

    • That’s a good thing – always happy to do that for readers.
      Thanks for your support. I hope we can continue to be on the same page.
      P.S. Me too! The only problem is the next 4 years. Uggh!

    • Firstly, thanks. Bad news – this is for 2020 and my goal is to be on the ballot.
      Anyway, you will have to move back to Canada and vote for me.
      Sorry, not my rules.

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