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Television confusion!

Recently, my family and I were visiting my mother for the weekend. Other family members came over to visit and to chat. It was all very pleasant. During one such conversation that included my cousins, BR and HR, I was a non-participant. It wasn’t by choice. I didn’t want to be muted, silenced.  Unfortunately, I was like an actor without any lines – I simply had nothing to say.

The topic of the conversation: television.

As I’ve mentioned before I am a regular, well semi regular, watcher of Modern Family. I also watch sports – other than the World Cup. I don’t care about the World Cup.  I also watch news programs.  However, in reality, I am a consistent watcher of nothing.

Anyway, as my cousins and others were going on about shows they liked and watched regularly, I sat there dumbly smiling and nodding occasionally trying to be social (that in and of itself can be a challenge for me). Terms were going back and forth which I had never heard. BR said she could watch HGTV all day. Huh?

television channel

What channel is that?

During the conversation, my cousin, BR, turned to me and casually said, “You really need to watch some television. I know you’re busy. We’re all busy. Just find some time to sit down and watch television.”  I muttered meekly, still smiling though, “Well, uh okay.”  What was I to say?

Yes, I know some people think of themselves as above television. They are too intellectual to be bothered and think of television as the idiot box. They would rather use their time to listen to opera and write poetry or something along those lines. While I am certainly an intellectual – self-proclaimed many years ago, darn it -, I am not above television. You see, I would like to watch television. I would, I really would.

Do you know I actually enjoy reading reviews of television shows? I’ll be flipping through a newspaper or magazine, and I’ll see the review section. Countless times, I have said to myself after reading a review that appealed to me, “I gotta watch that show.” I’ll repeat the time, channel, and day the show is on in order to remember. And then I forget or I don’t have time or I remember after the show has passed.

In all honesty, despite BR’s encouragement, television is not a priority of mine. Time is precious and fleeting. There are so many other things I want to do and at times have to do. Often, I feel rushed and behind. Watching television is a luxury which I don’t have time for. I do manage to watch my favorite sports teams. Yet, half the time I’m watching, I feel like I should be doing something else. The other half of the time, I’m doing something else and simply glancing at the television paying it half a mind.

But something is about to change. Sing with me now,
I’m free, I’m free
And freedom tastes of reality
I’m free, I’m free
And I’m waiting for you to follow me

Those lyrics by the way are from the rock opera Tommy by The Who. Anyway, summer is just about here, and therefore, nearly every teacher is singing those lyrics (I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find something on the internet that proves that). The last day for students was earlier this week and my last day is next week. With that, my schedule becomes infinitely more flexible.

Now of course, I will be doing some writing including blogging (make sure to read, comment and share, thank you very much), reading, playing chauffeur to my children, and catching up with friends. And I am going to make sure and find time to watch television.

It is in this area – television watching that is – where I need your help dear reader. You see despite reading reviews, I have no idea what to watch.

So, could you recommend something? Please note I don’t have HBO or Showtime, but I do have Netflix. Anyway, what television show or shows should I take up? It does not have to be new or current though I do want it to allow me to partake in conversations.

Watch television

Ready to watch television!

Thanks in advance for your help. Here’s to my viewing pleasure. Well talk soon BR, and I’ll be ready.


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26 thoughts on “I Need Your Help To Watch Television

  1. I am very honored to be mentioned in your blog. I am really sorry that you felt left out of the TV conversation. Honestly, if I were with you and your brothers and you were having a sports conversation I would be equally mute. I know very little about sports, just the bare minimum about baseball and the Phillies. Anyway, I suspect that you would not be very interested in HGTV. (Home and Gardens Television in Philly it is on channel 77 of Comcast.) You might find it fun to watch some of the real estate shows and see some nice home decorating ideas, but soon you would be quite bored. As you might remember, I love playing games. Competition is in my blood. Therefore, the game show network is also one of my favorites. (Channel 57 on Comcast in Philly.) I have a slight obsession with family feud. Again, probably not your style. Lastly, I love a little romance …so the Hallmark Channel (28) is another one of my faves. You might think all I do is sit around a watch alot of meaningless crap, but I really only watch on Sundays while I do laundry and on weeknights for a little while before settling into bed with a good book/my kindle. Based on things I have heard from others this would be the list I recommend for you:
    24-Live another day
    Game of Thrones
    Mad Men
    Elementary (Sherlock Holmes – I love it!)
    Parks and Recreation
    Oranage is the New Black
    House of Cards
    : ) Let me know what you think!!

    • My boys and I play family feud on their Kindle all the time.
      Anyway, I have heard of bunch of those shows but don’t know much about them. Could you tell me more and maybe pick just a couple? I know I am asking for a lot here.

  2. LOL that was me growing up. I was never able to join in those conversations about TV shows and there was no way to easily catch up back then! Now my TV is always on but I’m hardly paying attention most of the time. Right now I’m hooked on two shows. I am almost finished season 2 of Game of Thrones. This is one the kids can not watch at all so it is contributing to my insomnia. The other is Orphan Black. My kids also love it (don’t judge me) but they know when they have to turn around and won’t look again until I tell them it’s OK. We can’t wait to watch the new episode each week. We also love Dance Moms. I am not recommending it! I think I love it because it makes me look normal!

    Tomorrow is my last day so I am looking forward to seeing what people recommend. Yay summer!!!!!

    • End of school year – nice! I hope you have nice plans for your summer.
      Okay, I’ve heard of Game of Thrones. After all, I don’t live under a rock. However, I don’t really know what its about.
      I never heard of Orphan Black. So, I won’t judge you. Maybe you could tell me a little about the show and then, I’ll judge you. Ha ha.
      I think I’ll pass on dance moms. You understand.

  3. Woo hoo! Something right up my alley. I am a TV fiend. I spend way too much of time, and energy, engrossed in the lives of imaginary people (I’m trying to cut back).
    Here’s my list:
    Doctor Who
    Mrs. Brown’s Boys (not to be watched when children are in the room, Irish comedy is not for the faint of heart)
    The Mentalist
    Hawaii Five-O (the new one)
    Raising Hope

    Believe it or not, there are more, but I will stop there. If you’d like more suggestions just let me know.

    • Whoa, that is a long list. Slow down there Miss. Can you keep it to your top 2 and give me a summary? I know I’m demanding. Make sure to let your fellow tv junkies know I am in need to their help.

      • My top 2, wow, that’s asking a lot. For comedy I’d have to say Mrs. Brown’s Boys.
        From IMDB – “A comedy centered on a loud-mouthed Irish matriarch whose favorite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children.”
        The matriarch is played by a man. And it so funny, but it’s typical British humour which is full of curse words and cross-dressing. My favourite thing about this show is that they constantly break “the fourth wall”. Meaning the main character will often address the audience, the crew members or break character. This makes it even funnier.

        For an hour-long show I am particularly fond of Castle.
        from IMDB – “After a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, successful mystery novelist Richard “Rick” Castle gets permission from the Mayor of New York City to tag along with an NYPD homicide investigation team for research purposes.”
        Nathan Fillion, who plays the main character, is very funny in a quirky way. He played the captain in a short-lived (but awesome) sci-fi show called “Firefly” and they often reference Firefly in Castle. The ensemble cast is excellent and they complement one another wonderfully.

        Hope that helps in your selection 🙂

          • Mrs. Brown’s Boys is an Irish comedy. I missed some of the jokes the first time I watched it because of the accent and the different slang. The actors are a troop that have been performing Mrs. Brown on stage together for years. It’s only recently that it’s been aired on TV in the UK.

          • I don’t know if it is on around here. I have a feeling I would grow frustrated with the accents.

  4. I would watch a lot more TV if my schedule allowed for it. There is just something so engaging about the stories and characters you can find when you sit down and engage with your television set. Not knowing your tastes, I’ll try to hit one show per genre, and hopefully something strikes your fancy!

    Mystery: go to Netflix and turn on Sherlock. It is a British show based on, who else, Sherlock Holmes, set in modern day England. Each episode is 90 minutes, but I think there are only 9 available, so the whole series should be watchable before school starts up again.

    Science Fiction: Falling Skies. Staring Noah Wyle, this alien invasion series profiles humanity’s struggle to live another day against all odds. Early seasons of the show can be found on Netflix via their DVD service, or the latest season kicks off this coming week on TNT.

    Comedy: Psych. Another show based loosely on Sherlock Holmes, the main character is a pretend psychic detective who solves crimes in Santa Barbara along side his best friend as well as his love-interest detective. The show just wrapped up, and can also be found on Netflix.

    Political Drama: House of Cards. Netflix’s original DC drama stars Kevin Spacey (in a roll that will make you forget he was Keyser Söze), and Robin Wright (yes, “The Princess Bride’s” ‘Buttercup’). Spacey will stop at nothing to climb the political ladder.

    Action: White Collar can fill this roll. It can be hard to find a good true action series on TV, but this adventure/drama should fill the need. A con-artist (Matt Bomer) gets a second chance helping to solve white collar crimes along side a very trusting FBI team in New York City. Netflix for the first 5 seasons, with a short sixth season green-lit for later this year on USA network.

    Hope you can find something to wet your fancy among these options!

    • This is so helpful! Thanks. The descriptions are awesome. I definitely like comedies and am very interested in politics. White Collar sounds interesting too. I keep hearing of Game of Thrones. I almost feel like it’s a must.

      • I keep hearing about Game of Thrones as well, but haven’t started watching it yet. I’m sure once I do, I’ll love it. As for comedies, I also like NBC’s Community. It’s a bit silly at times, but I appreciate the humor.

        • I think one of my nephews talked highly of Community. Is that the one w/Chevy Chase? I might have seen part of an episode before.

    • Thanks. I need some descriptions, a little more guidance.
      Btw, I read the book that Boardwalk Empire is based on and liked it a lot.

  5. Three letters – PBS. I get like three stations here in the Ohio Valley and never fail to find something interesting, creative and… zombie-free for over sixty years. I am the same way Larry, I never know what folks are talking about when they talk TV, seems like it is still the same vast wasteland it has always been. Congrats at the school year coming to a close and, as a parent of school-aged kids, thank you.

    • I hear you Bill. But I want to get in the game, even if it’s only for a little while.
      From teachers everywhere, you are welcome. I have formed nice relationships with kids and I will some of them in particular.

  6. I am sorry, but I am of no use to you. I have no time either, and when I’ve got it, I use it to read. Sorry so boring! I do like mysteries though—and there’s a great one on PBS’s website (videostreaming) about a detective who must solve a case involving murders and opera lyrics (to appeal to your intellectual side).

  7. Well Larry, I watch the news a lot and am hooked on Detective shows. I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes, I get bored, and change to another detective show. some of them are very interesting.

  8. You’ll have plenty of time to watch television when you’re old and have bad knees.

    Or, you could watch Sponge Bob. He’s always good for conversation around the adult dinner table.

  9. The Big Bang Theory – focuses on four geeky intellectual characters who work at a University and have a love of comics/sci-fi/fantasy popular culture. Across the hall lives a pretty, struggling actress who waitresses at the Cheese Cake Factory. It is funny with great development of characters. The main character is also autistic and does a great job in presenting this side of society. At first I really did not like him, but you grow to love him. Check it out.

    • I’ve seen a bunch of them. I never see a full episode, but I certainly enjoy what I have seen. Very funny. Sheldon cracks me up.

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