I Need Attention

Brian WIlliams

Hi, I’m Brian, and I want attention.

Hello, I’m inside the head of Brian Williams. Shhh, I hear something. What’s that? Oh I can make it out – it’s saying: I Need Attention.

No, no, no,I’m not inside the head of Brian Willaims’, NBC Nightly News Anchor.  So, I don’t know why he fabricated a story about his time in Iraq covering the way.

For those who don’t know the details of William’s ever changing detailing of the event, check out this story.

You back? Good.

I want to know why. Here is a man who seems to have the respect of the viewers. He comes off as a regular guy. You know the type: someone anyone could sit down with, have a beer, and discuss life. Inevitably, disagreements would arise as they would between any two people.  Yet, can’t you imagine ol’ Brian and you talking it out. And even if you don’t come to a consensus, you could at least respect each other’s opinion. You would walk away from the conversation thinking that Brian Williams is a good guy.

Isn’t that Brian’s image?

So besides having a fantastic salary and being at the top of his profession, Brian has our respect.

Once again, I ask, why the need to fabricate a story? For the record, his claims of the fog of war lack credibility. Did the fog finally lift after 12 years so that the truth or something closer to it was finally able to seep in?  No, he must have known all along.

I digress.

I wonder what makes a man lie in such a public way.  How could a man who makes his life in media not realize that a fabrication that many were witness to would not become public?

What did he have to gain? Now, it would be foolish to speculate regarding his personal life.  Content or not content or somewhere in between like most people – who knows? It’s not my business, and I have no right to know.

The only reason for the fabrication, which paints him as someone who survived this harrowing event, that makes sense is that he wanted more attention and more respect from the viewers. But why? When is enough enough? Is Williams an egomaniac who craves attention and respect? Is Williams a fool who believes his own stories? Is Williams a little child who wants to play hero?

Whatever he is, Williams very well may need some therapy sessions. He has issues.

I don’t believe this makes Brian Williams a bad person. I don’t think NBC should fire, suspend, or fine him for this fabrication. No, his loss of credibility and looking foolish is punishment enough.

Ultimately, this story is sad and a bit pathetic. Why the fabrication Brian?

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8 thoughts on “I Need Attention

  1. Why does anyone lie or embellish? It happens all around us every day, and since he is human, I fully expect that he’d do the same. I hadn’t heard of the story, but I think I’m more surprised at your surprise!

    • I hear you Kate, but he went beyond embellishing. Most of it is flat out lies. It also was foolish because so many people were there who could vouch for the truth.

  2. “his loss of credibility and looking foolish is punishment enough.”—I think you’re exactly right on that. Even if they don’t fire him–which I agree, seems overkill–I wonder if he’ll be able to maintain the respect he had in people’s eyes. Too bad, because he’s had a wonderful career. I think this just goes to show he’s human. Unfortunately, when you’re in the public eye, you need to make sure what you say can be substantiated.

    • It seems like the ‘punishment’ is worse than I originally suspected. It could get even worse. Again, I surely don’t approve of what he did, but it seems like it is going too far.

  3. I agree that it seems silly to lie about this matter, but it’s possible that he benefitted greatly by fabricating this story at the time. Journalists get respect by going places they shouldn’t and coming back to tell us about it. I like Brian Williams a lot, but I think it hurts his credibility a little in a part of media where it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to decipher between truth and fiction.

    • He very well may have benefited greatly by fabricating but now he is paying the price. It’s kind of sad that it has come to this.

  4. None of it makes sense. It wouldn’t have made sense 20 years ago but at least then you could argue that maybe he thought he could get away with it.

    Now you can’t do that and I am not sure there is any value or point to my trying to argue on his behalf any how. I guess the only reason I have is because I just don’t understand.

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