I Like A Justin Bieber Song

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Recently I was driving along and the radio was on. I was flipping stations and landed on one where the DJs began talking about the top songs of the day. Apparently, they were doing some sort of count down. The male DJ announced ‘Love Yourself,’ and the female DJ said, “Is that the new Justin Bieber song? I love that song.

Justin Bieber? Uh, no thanks. I listened for a couple seconds and then found something else to listen to.

I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen nearly 20 times. I’ve slept outside for tickets to The Who.

So, nothing personal Justin, but I don’t think so.

Then I heard ‘Love Yourself’ again. I listened for a moment. Kind of catchy. But the guy sounded so bitter. Nah I’ll keep looking.

Any Springsteen on? How about The Who? I’ll take the Stones – I’ve seen them in concert too.

Then I heard ‘Love Yourself’ again. I was driving along the highway, and I turned the radio up. And I listened to the whole song.  And I liked it. I liked a Justin Bieber song.


Did I mention

I’ve seen Springsteen 20 times.
I slept out for tickets to The Who.
I saw the Rolling Stones.
I can sing along with all of Dylan’s hits.
I drank too much before an Allman Brothers concert?

Me. And I like a Justin Bieber song?


It’s true. It’s true. I can’t believe it.

When the song was over, I had this strange desire to speak to my wife’s friend’s daughter. S loves Justin Bieber and has since he was just starting out. S knows every word to every one of his songs. She’s seen him in concert and has posters of him. A serious fan – you get the point.

I wanted to tell her, “Hey, I like a Justin Bieber song.” I wanted to talk to her about the song and hear her perspective.

I didn’t call. Just as well – she would have thought I was nuts.

A day later I heard ‘Love Yourself” again. This time I sang along (I don’t know all the words…yet). And when I got home, I did a Google search.

For the lyrics to a … Justin… Bieber… song.

Did I mention…

I’ve also seen

Tom Petty
Elvis Costello
The Counting Crows
And hung out in the parking lot during at a Grateful Dead concert?

Yup that’s me. And now I’m listening to Justin Bieber. Really?

I’d like to blame the children. But the darn kids weren’t even in the car when the song came on.

The last time I heard ‘Love Yourself” I was driving home (seems to be a pattern). As I was at the last stop light before reaching my house, I may have wished it red. I wanted to listen to Justin Bieber.


Did I mention…

I’ve also seen

The Velvet Underground
Neal Young
Midnight Oil
And Ray Charles?

By the way, I also like Pink. No not, the color – I’m indifferent to that. Anyway, the woman is talented.

I also like Adele. Seriously, that voice – it’s a gift.

And now I like a Justin Bieber song.

Wow. The confession feels good.

By the way did I mention….

5 thoughts on “I Like A Justin Bieber Song

  1. ahahahahaha! That’s just awful! I can’t believe you!

    Now, having said that… there is a Taylor Swift song that I’m ashamed to admit that I like.. a lot… so much so I’ve pulled up the video on YouTube! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Ha! I have no opinions on Justin Beebs or his music. My kids have lots of thoughts, though. They’re always yelling at me to change the station.

    I would die of joy if a decent jazz/bluegrass/blues station came to Kalamazoo!

    Hey, I like the new comment arrangement, by the way. It’s a lot easier. Thanks!

    • Just wait till your alone and you hear something catchy and don’t realize what you are doing till it’s too late. Then we’ll talk Clemence!
      Glad the new arrangement is working for you.

  3. I am glad you’ve finally made a sort of peace with it.

    Personally, I don’t know Justin Bieber. I think my students may have mentioned him. But I am just not that into music, period, end of story.

    BTW thanks for getting rid of the copy-paste thingy in the comments. Is it new, or am I just not around enough?

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