I Have to Admit I Like the Passover Holiday

Boys celebrating Passover Holiday

Boys – Pre-Passover 2012. The jackets were off before the Passover Seder began.

The Passover festival begins Monday evening an hour after sundown.

However for those of us who celebrate the holiday, the thought and preparation for Passover began weeks ago.

I’m not kidding.

Passover is an all-encompassing holiday.

Of course, like most religious holidays, there is the food aspect. And food is a major factor in Passover!!! We literally get rid of all our food from the year. We either eat it, throw it away, donate it, sell it (ceremoniously) or lock it away. I’ll spare you the rules and the specifics.

I’ve been managing my food shopping the last couple of weeks so that we will have a minimal amount of food left. This takes all of my food shopping skills.

I must admit this part is fun for me.

QUICK ASIDE: I ended up bringing up some food to work this week. Why is it that people will eat anything at the work place?

This zest to rid ourselves of our food forces us to do a Spring cleaning. Now, my family and I keep a neat house. However, we have a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old. Therefore, food travels to the weirdest places. “Hey, how did that pretzel end up in the sofa cushion?”

So, add cleaning to the Passover checklist. We pay someone to clean for us every other week. On top of that, I was down on my knees on the kitchen floor. By the way, I found a pretzel there too. Mrs. MMK cleaned the cabinets and put in new contact paper. These were among other tasks.

I have to admit I do like a clean house.

Anyway, we get rid of our food. The holiday lasts eight days. Therefore, it is not a fasting holiday. So, there is food shopping to do to replace the food you are ridding your home of. This special kosher for Passover food – and it’s not just Matzah – is pricey. We have already made multiple trips to the grocery store, and I foresee another one on Monday.

Then there are clothes. There is no law that one must buy new clothes.

However, I have adopted a custom. I wear at least one new item of clothing on the first and last days of the holiday. It adds to the special nature of the Passover holiday. I can’t be the only one who is wearing new clothes in the family. So, there is clothes shopping to do for the whole family. Well, my wife takes care of herself and the boys. I simply pay for it. On that note – does anyone know of any freelance writing gigs? The bank account has taken a hit.

I have to admit I like having new clothes.

A quick note on the background of the Passover holiday.  It commemorates the Exodus of the Jewish people from their bondage in Egypt. It is a holiday that celebrates our freedom and praises G-d for what he did for us.

Ultimately, the Passover holiday is about spending time with family and friends and recalling a special time in history.

I have to admit I like spending time with family and friends.

I have to admit I like this holiday.

P.S. As part of the holiday, I am going to take a blogging break. I don’t expect to post and will not get to read the blogs of others on a regular basis over the next week and a half.

17 thoughts on “I Have to Admit I Like the Passover Holiday

  1. I adore religious traditions. I believe faith is in the doing, the actions. The rituals of both family and faith strengthen our relationship with our G-d and I certainly respect and admire both around your home. A blessed Passover from your Catholic friend. Peace to you.

    • Thanks Sir. And an early Happy Easter to you.
      Btw, I have a lot of respect for my coreligionists. For all of faith’s benefits can also be challenging.

  2. Have a wonderful and restful time!

    And you’re right; people will eat most anything brought into the workplace. Stuff we’d walk past at home. But a chance for free food? We’re all in!

  3. I realize I know so much less about Passover than I thought I did. The whole ridding yourself of all the food thing is completely new to me. Even like spices and condiments? EVERYTHING?

    Also, I regularly bring in what I consider “questionable” food to work and it always gets eaten. When I say questionable I don’t me spoiled but perhaps stale.

  4. Sounds like you will enjoy a wonderful time with friends and family. I enjoy Easter (it doesn’t hurt that there’s always chocolate involved), but am fascinated by the Passover. I had an opportunity to learn about the seder from a Jewish man who came to our church. It’s wonderfully steeped in tradition and meaning. I loved it.
    Happy Passover.

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