I Don’t Care About Father’s Day

I don't care about Father's DayYou know how some guys have a laundry list of what they want to do on Father’s Day? If they don’t cross off each item, they feel cheated. Isn’t the day all about them?

Not me. Could. Not. Care. Less. Really, I don’t care about Father’s Day.

Now, I could be a divo (male version of a diva – I looked it up) like those other guys. I could also come up with a list of demands for what my family does on Father’s Day. But, I don’t care about Father’s Day.

I don’t need to barbeque, play basketball, go swimming, sleep late, have breakfast in bed, watch my favorite movie, go on a hike, etc. While all those things sound great, they don’t matter.

As it is, we happen to have plans this year: Little League baseball in the morning and in the evening, a Bat Mitzvah for the daughters of good friend’s. I’m looking forward to both events – should be a fun day.

But if we didn’t have plans, that would be fine too.  Because, I don’t care about Father’s Day.

For me, Father’s Day is simple. I want to spend quality time with my children. That’s it. Whether that means having a catch, riding a bike, eating water ice, going to the park, etc. Whatever, we can work that out.

This day is only meaningful to me because of my children. They’re the reason to mark the day.

Yes, I could argue this day is about me. After all, it is Father’s Day. It’s my turn to be celebrated.

But what kind of father would I be if that’s what I insisted on? After all, being a father (or mother) is about selflessness. It’s about being there for your children and supporting them in whatever way you can. It’s about being doing your best so that your children will be their best. It’s about loving and being loved by your children.

Okay, I wouldn’t mind sleeping later. I’d love it if the kids didn’t fight that day. It would be nice to get some good photos.

And I do want presents. I like presents – whatever they are.

So, happy Father’s Day to all of us fathers! Enjoy your children.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Care About Father’s Day

  1. Eric and I are terrible about helping the kids remember to celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day. It’s at least nice to be acknowledged for all the hard work that goes into parenting, even if it doesn’t become a day long affair.

    We’re getting better, but we still have a long way to go!

    • I agree with you. It’s not a bad thing to be terrible at – the kids are the ones who should remember, anyway.

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