I Didn’t Fight The Law and The Law Still Won

I fought the law and the law won.It was the summer of 2007, and my family and I were discovering the suburbs.

What do we do with all this space? So, we don’t have to worry about the upstairs neighbors making noise? You mean we have our own parking space?

We’re not in an apartment in the Bronx any more Dorothy!

One Sunday morning during this confusing time, I was driving to morning prayers. I was listening to classical music. Yes, it was a peaceful morning.

Then, a flash of light and a policeman waving me to pull over. Apparently, neighbors had been complaining that drivers were ignoring the 25 MPH speed zone. The police were notified, and the speed trap was set. The policeman told me all of this while he wrote up the ticket. Apparently, I had motored up to 35, and the policeman had no choice but to give me a ticket. He was polite and empathetic during the entire exchange.  Who hoo.

I drove away pissed off.

Eight plus years have passed since that speeding ticket was issued. And things have been quiet between me and blue here in the suburbs. Now, I’ve done my share of speeding, going through yellowish lights, and that sort of thing. Nothing all that serious apparently for a policeman to feel a ticket was warranted or they simply weren’t around.

This week that all changed.


What the…

I didn’t even…

Are you kidding me?

Beepity, beep, beep, beep (This is not a direct quote.)

I had a meeting on Tuesday at 1015. I got there at 10:12. Plenty of time. Where to park, where to park? Hmmm – is there a spot in their lot? No worries I see a spot on the side street.  I’ll just park behind that tan car.

I walked into the meeting thinking nothing of the spot. When I got back to the car – a good meeting by the way – I noticed something on my windshield. I picked it up figuring it was a menu from some local restaurant or some other type of advertisement.

Then, I saw its true identity. A ticket? Huh? What had I done? There were other cars there. I didn’t see any signs. Trying to understand the ticket was more difficult than deciphering the Code of Hammurabi. All I understood was the summons date – December 31st at 4:00.  Yeah, right.

I drove away pissed off.

Thursday morning was a red flag day. The red flag is the symbol the elementary school uses to indicate the children are to wait for the beginning of their day inside the building rather than outside. Fine. I pulled up to the school, said “have fun and get brilliant” to SJ and drive off.  A policeman followed me up the street with his lights flashing. When I pulled over, I thought he was going to keep going.


Apparently, I was the bad guy. He explains in his clear emotionless voice that it is a no stopping zone. But I was dropping my son off for school. I’ve done it many times. He tells me there’s a sign that clearly delineates that it’s a no stopping zone. I’ve never seen the sign. He hands me a ticket and wishes me a good day.

I drove away pissed off.

I still don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I’m sure I didn’t fight the Law but the law still won.

I’m pissed off.

Damn Ticket!

Damn ticket!

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Fight The Law and The Law Still Won

  1. If it’s any consolation, I also went through a phase a few years ago when I had a LOT of tickets. But it was just a blip, I haven’t had one in years, and maybe you’ll go back to normal soon. 🙂

  2. I have fought a few tickets and won. Once it was because the police officer didn’t appear in court and the second time it was because the parking signs didn’t clearly delineate where it was or was not permissible to park so they waived the ticket.

    Still didn’t make the initial irritation I felt go away. Sorry you had that twice, that sucks.

  3. Ugh! I hate getting pulled over and ticketed – fortunately it doesn’t happen all that often… I hope that they both work out for you!! And there is always deferred adjudication – and it does work if those were each in different cities! Not that I’ve gotten two tickets close together and not that I managed to do deferred adjudication on both of them… at the same time… even though technically you aren’t supposed to do that! 🙂

    • Hmm. I’m the type who will pay just to make it go away.
      What bugs me more is I don’t even get what I was doing.
      Like everyone, I’ve sped before, gone through yellowish lights, etc. but this was just odd.

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