Home and Home

Those of you who are hockey fans are very familiar with this term. Two teams – let’s say the Flyers and the Rangers – play each other in back to back games. The first game is on one team’s home ice and the second game is on the other team’s home ice.

Anyway, this is an elaborate – sort of – way of telling you I did a guest post on Elske’s site. She, of course, wrote on these pages yesterday so eleoquently about the challenges of dealing with a new born. My topic is a bit lighter. Check it out:http://elskenewman.com/2013/02/01/the-end-of-the-knight/

8 thoughts on “Home and Home

  1. Wonderful post, Larry! You’re right, we all have that go-to item we don’t want to part with. It’s like the clothing equivalent of warm soup on a cold day….

  2. Loved it – and commented over there, too. But, after this, I don’t think you can give me grief over my black pj pants anymore!

  3. It’s funny you would blog about clothing. We’ve been doing a ton of shifting and purging in the Madhouse and I came across a pink, velour sweater, girls size 7 that was mine when I was little. It was the last thing my grandmother gave me before she passed. I have totted through 4 moves and 30 years. It’s amazing the things we hold onto, isn’t it?

    • Sounds like alot of emotions attached to the shirt as well. The fact that you have totted it through 4 moves and thirty years is amazing. I think it has reached heirloom status. How do you say grand daughter?

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