Hip for The Hunger Games

I’ve gotten to the age where I know I’m not cool. It’s not particularly important to me – no need to set trends. I’ll take happy children, a contented wife, and a decent job. I am comfortable with myself. Yet, a part of me likes to look in the mirror and think I’ve still got it.  Yes, I’m a dad in the suburbs, though I don’t own a minivan, so I’m not so typical.  Really, it’s true.

This past week I completed The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. That’s right I’ve read The Hunger Games which happens to be number two on the NY Times best seller list – children’s series (I’d prefer to think of it as young adult)!  My little cousin recommended The Hunger Games to me, and I figured I would read it just to see to validate her choices. I am a good cousin.  Well, I think I validated her choices by reading the first of the trilogy, a nearly 400 page book, over my five day vacation ignoring the clock and going to sleep way past my bedtime.

See, I am not a stuffy 40ish English teacher who only reads proper literature. I am plugged in, on the scene, and in touch.  I read popular novels, which by the way is coming out as movie on Friday March 23rd.  I looked it up and checked out the cast.  Not only did I read The Hunger Games, but I enjoyed it and want to talk about it. I was disappointed when my cousin did not show up at the last family event – I wanted to talk to her and discuss the book and its deeper meanings. I recently found that a friend of mine read the book, and we reviewed the main characters names and the potential symbolism. I keep recommending it to students.  Hey, I still am an English teacher. However, I am more than just a dad in the suburbs. I’m kind of hip, and I’ll take that!

5 thoughts on “Hip for The Hunger Games

    • I enjoyed all 3 as well. I like the movie version of the first one – well done.
      In terms of you being hip, I would say sure. However, I am not sure that I am the one to make such decisions. Since Aviva reccomended the books, I would talk to her.

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