Help Me – I Need a Diversion

Sports Diversion

With the world going mad and sense seemingly lost, we need diversions.

I had a diversion, but it’s gone now.

You see there are two key elements to a diversion – it takes your mind off of another matter, and it is pleasant. defines diversion this way: distraction from business, care, etc.; recreation; amusement; a pastime:

So, when you can’t handle hearing any more of the horrific news of late, you need a diversion, something pleasant.

Maybe that diversion is cooking, singing, playing video games, or playing with your pet rock. Whatever – I’m not here to judge.

Anyway, I had a diversion. It was one that brought me great joy even though, at times, it also brought me disappointment.

But now all this diversion seems to do is bring me frustration. It’s left me muttering more often than the oddball you see on the train on your commute home from work.

What is this diversion you may be asking? Well, the diversion is being a fan and follower of the Philadelphia sports teams.

They all stink!

I’m not exaggerating. Let me give you a quick run down of each team’s status.

Phillies – Philadelphia’s baseball team finished the season with the worst record in the MLB. During the season, their manager quit, and their general manager got fired. It’s the third year in a row they had a losing record. The former president of the team (he resigned) says maybe they will start winning again … in 2017.

Sixers – Philadelphia’s basketball team has 1 win and 19 losses. If I was an optimist, I’d focus on the fact that they’re 1-1 in their last two games. However, I’m not. They suck. By the way, they’ve had losing records three straight years. The general manager insists that fans be patient and trust the process.

Flyers – Philadelphia’s hockey team has missed the playoffs two out of the last three years and is on pace to do so again. Remember, in hockey, more than half the teams make the playoffs. Their general manager is preaching patience.

Eagles – Philadelphia’s football team missed the playoffs last year and is tied for last in its division this year. Nearly three weeks ago, they started a game and were on fire. A win would have put them into a tie for first place. Anyway, the second half came, and they fell apart and have gotten slaughtered in the two games that followed.

I would tell you what their general manager said, but I don’t know. It was that Eagles game a few weeks back that put me over the edge.

In fact, I’ve changed my life since the Eagles surrendered that lead.

I have not watched sports since then. Not a Philadelphia team or any other. If I walk into a room and Mrs. MMK is watching sports, I walk out.

I have not read one article in the Philadelphia newspapers sports sections. I used to read the sports section (via the internet) every morning for twenty minutes. I would also pop on periodically throughout the day.

I have not listened to sports talk radio. I would often listen to sports talk while driving. I enjoyed the discussion and debate. How many times did I talk back to the radio either in agreement or dissension?

Sports and I are on a break. I still pay attention to scores and see headlines on Yahoo news. So, our split has been amicable. In fact, you could say I want a reason to come back.

But for now, I need another diversion. Please don’t make me have to watch the news all day! It’s too depressing.

Any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Help Me – I Need a Diversion

  1. LOL! Fortunately our hockey and baseball teams help offset our football team… and oh my goodness, the latest rumor is that Johnny Football may be headed down here since Romo is out. I really think that Cassel will be much better this go around, as it’s not a “temporary” thing and that should help… but alas… I feel your pain! 🙂

  2. Maybe you need a good binge watch of a TV show. I’m not sure what your tastes are, but I recommend Justified, The Good Wife, Dexter, Bloodline, Prison Break–just to name a few. 🙂

  3. I’m actually on a break from real news. I can’t function with all that despair! And while I realize this sounds totally selfish, I simply can’t respond to every shooting and refugee and victim of trafficking. I’m awake at night, frantic over people I can’t even help if I watch too much news.

    So maybe you could turn the sports back on and the news off? At least for a little while? 🙂

    • I am avoiding the news to some degree though I feel a need to be informed. I agree with you – it can be overwhelmingly depressing.

  4. Pick better teams to root for. 🙂

    Sports can be a blessing and a curse for a diversion, you get hears of joy and years of awful and everything in between.

    I am a big fan of writing, reading and exercise because they don’t let you down the way rooting for your team does when they just aren’t getting it done.

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