Have Fun and Get Brilliant

Have fun and get brilliant.

Boys off to school to have fun and get brilliant.

What do you want for your children when you send them off to school each morning? Let me guess. You want them to learn. You want them to enjoy their learning.  You want them to have friends.  You want those friends to be children they can count on and feel comfortable confiding in.  Well, what I want for my children is for them to have fun and get brilliant.

I’ve been offering up these instructions ever since my now 10-year old (BR) started kindergarten. After I kissed him – he doesn’t let me do that anymore in front of other children – he’d walk toward the bus, and I would call out, “have fun and get brilliant.”

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One thought on “Have Fun and Get Brilliant

  1. I don’t send my kids off to school, so I can’t comment on that part. I will say that I remember my 8th grade English teacher telling us to always say to ourselves when we walk through the door, “open mind, willing attitude.” Decent advice.

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