Growing Up in a Complicated World

Growing Up in a Complicated WOrldIt’s a complicated world. Yeah, I know that’s not a newsflash.

This week my family and I celebrate a meaningful moment in BR’s life. He becomes Bar Mitzvah. He enters a new phase in his life and is viewed in a different light. It’s a toehold into the adult world. As he turns 13 and formally enters the teen years, he is on the verge of big changes, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.The boy is growing up.

Exciting. Time for reflection. Special. Memorable.

A World of Horrors

Earlier this week, there was a horrific chemical bombing in Syria that left civilians, including children dying horrible deaths. The pictures are gut wrenching. And it’s not the first time that Assad has poisoned his own people. What the people of Syria have been dealing with over the course of this seemingly never ending civil war is hard to fathom. I have no idea what the answer is. Those who spout off about what should be done as if it were so simple and clear can not be taken seriously.

So, the President ordered that action be taken. Is it the right thing to do? Again, I don’t know. I do know that what happened earlier this week does not jive with a civilized world. I’m certain there are many other things that are going on around the world that get less attention which also don’t jive with a civilized world.

Growing Up in a Complicated World

And my son takes his first steps into a more adult world. He is part of a world that has some scary things going on. It’s a dangerous world where there are people aiming to do awful things to each other. Whether the reasoning is for power, religion, etc. it doesn’t matter – the desired outcome is the same. As a responsible person, BR needs to understand terrible things are perpetrated by people against others. I won’t shade him from reality or leave him in a bubble. Mrs. MMK and I have a job and that is to help BR see the world for what it is and try to answer questions he may have.

A World of Beauty

However, it is a beautiful world as well. The world is full of natural wonders and people who do amazing things for others including strangers simply out of the goodness of their heart. BR should understand that the mass majority of people are generally good and decent and deserve to be treated with respect. As my son views the world in a deeper way, he should always remember these facts and not only focus on the macabre.

BR is part of a complicated world which seems to becoming more so every day. I hope Mrs. MMK and I have given and will continue to give him the tools he needs to cope with the complexities of life.

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8 thoughts on “Growing Up in a Complicated World

  1. It is a complicated world, that is for sure. I spend lots of time talking with my kids about that and making sure they notice the good.

    Not to brush off or minimize the bad stuff, but I want them to remember our attitude impacts our view and days quite a bit.

  2. Living in that part of the world where the atrocities of ISIS, Syrians and rebels gives us a perspective of how bad, terrible or any other description it really is. We see how the “neighbors” we have behave, whether they are the rebels or the body in power treat those against them. We see how they disregard any human life. We see how the other Arab countries show total disregard to what is going on in Syria or Iraq. We see how the Western world is hypocritical and doesn’t really give a damn. As long as it’s Arab against Arab. We see this same Western World go in uproar when an Israeli hits a Palestinian with a chocolate.
    And our children see it. And yet, we do our best to show our children what is right and what is wrong. How, in this mixed up and hypocritical cruel world they evolve into good people.
    Its very difficult in an area where you are surrounded by enemies, who want you in the sea as food for fish.
    Our children, who grow up learning what to do if we are under a missile attack, then go to learn how to behave as a human being, even to our attackers. It is a scary world, one in which we as grownups need to prepare our children, get them to understand and live without fear, to succeed and to learn to be compassionate and caring, even though your very existence depends on your brute strength, cunning and audacity.
    And with all this we manage to succeed.
    So will you with BR. Knowing, understanding and still being positive and good are a marker of success.

    • Well, it is certainly more challenging for you. I’m sorry for that because those circumstances (ie your neighbors) are so wrong I don’t know where to start.
      What’s most impressive is your last line or so – and with all this we manage to succeed. You have my respect and admiration.

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