Growing Beyond Me

You ever wonder, wait, and hope for your kids to achieve a particular milestone? Then once they reach the milestone you realize you’re not so sure that you really want them there. Ultimately, you are left wondering what’s next.

Well earlier today, I did a guest post for my blogger friend Tatiana over at where I explored this topic of children moving on and how it brings both happiness and sadness. To read the article, click the link.


12 thoughts on “Growing Beyond Me

  1. I love what you said in your post: I move on feeling happy and sad at the same time! this is how I feel too! I love how my little one is getting to do things on his own but at the same time it saddens me he doesn’t need me or he doesn’t want my help in things he used to need me for! he’s only 22 months but he’s strong and loves figuring things out just like his father! But you know Larry, I think somehow our kids will always need us! I’m old and I still need my parents or that’s just me! ha!ha! anyhow, beautiful post Larry, you always make me laugh at how you describe your interactions with your wife and kids! 🙂

    • I think you are right in that they will always need us. However, as you and I both know the need and the interaction will change dramatically. I am sure it will be special in its own way.
      Always glad to make you laugh.

  2. Yes, talking. I waited and waited for them to talk.

    And now they do.

    And. now. they. do.

    blahblahblahyabberyabberyabberblahyabberblahyabber THAT ISN’T FAIR blah gabber WHY DOESN’T SHE HAVE TO GO TO BED NOW blahblah I DON’T LIKE THIS FOOD ANYMORE yabber….

    • You’re funny. How many of use hear these same words? We live near the speech therapist who worked w/my younger son. Sometimes, I want to egg her house.

  3. Love the like button – I have a sense of well being when I can click a like button. And, to save Tatiana any stress, I erased what I had typed in over there… so I must post it here. You Are Nuts. You aren’t missing anything – and while they don’t need you for bath time, now they need you for other things – and those other things that they need you for are usually much more fun and exciting as they get older! (Okay, I still edited my thoughts a little bit… 🙂 )

    • I am glad I can help you achieve a sense of well being. I have been wanting to add a like button. A fellow blogger figured out how to do it and she forwarded the info to me.
      Maybe, I am nuts (takes one to know one – I know that’s immature but I don’t care!). Anyway, I don’t believe that there is some part of you that misses some things from when Mr. T was younger. Just like I don’t believe that in a few years you wont miss things that are going on now with him. Makes sense?

  4. I’m just now getting caught up on all my Larry posts 🙂
    This one made me think about those changes and milestones and if there’s anything I miss. I don’t think I miss that crazy bath routine either but I use to read to him while he was in the tub. Now we just moved it AFTER the shower and we read together before he goes to bed.
    Good one that brought a good memory smile to my heart.

      • I’ve been thinking about that question … is there anything I miss? That’s hard to say. I don’t miss the baby moments like the crying and the diapers. And Jake still wants to hold my hand, sit next to me on the couch, spend time with me … so I still get to enjoy that part. I think the only thing I miss is when I use to put him down on the floor with his toys (he was about 9months – 11months) and he would just sit there and play. No talking back, no crying, no crawling around, he would just sit there and play. And I would watch him be totally contented with his toys playing. (OK I feel a blog post coming on!)

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