Good Reasons for You to be Happy

Good to be happy!I’m not sure what I’m going to write about on my blog today. Any suggestions?
What are you going to write about?
I said I’m not sure. I want to write about you guys. What do you think?
I don’t know. Just write about something good.

This was a conversation I had with BR.

Pretty good suggestion by him, I’d say. After all, have you read the newspaper lately? Seriously.

Between riots and wars and mass murders, it’s damn depressing out there.  After catching up on the news, it’s hard not to be upset. In fact, you should be upset after reading the news. If you aren’t upset after watching the news, I’d be worried about you.

BR does not worry about the news. In fact, he barely follows it. His big interests are Minecraft, You Tube, and baseball. Yet, his suggestion to focus on something good is wise beyond his recognition.

I’m not advocating you forget about the news and the challenges and struggles and more that people and society are undergoing. But maybe, instead of focusing on them, you’d be best off if you strove to appreciate what you have, if you strove to appreciate those around you, if you strove to appreciate and make the most of your life.

It’s not complicated.

No, I don’t believe this new found appreciation will change the world.  I don’t believe if we all just smile, everything will be better. Kumbaya. Happy, happy joy joy.  If only it were only that simple…

But I do believe we have a choice to make. How do you want to feel? It’s easy to sink into the morass and feel like crap. How many people are starving? Or homeless? Or hopeless? And if they are like that, why do I deserve to be happy? Isn’t that selfish of me?

No. It’s not. In fact, thinking that your unhappiness actually helps someone else who has real problems is selfish. You can donate money, write a letter to a politician, volunteer, etc. Those are meaningful actions that will have some impact.  You can be empathetic. You can be sympathetic. But being miserable on someone else’s behalf is pointless.

My son asked me to write something good. To be happy. I think BR gave me great advice.

I’m not a big smiley, happy-go-lucky guy. But we can all find something good in our lives, something that makes us happy. Don’t tell me you have nothing.  I know you have something good in your life. There is something in your life that makes you feel fortunate.

Maybe it’s

a good marriage
healthy children
a meaningful friendship
a job you derive satisfaction from
a home you feel comfortable in
parents whom you treasure

or, or, or.

Did you smile or feel good over something in that list? Which one? Or was it something else? What’s on your happy list?

I have so much in my life to be happy for, so much good. BR, SJ, Ms. MMK are all part of that.

The good things in life are in front of you. Appreciate them. Celebrate them.

Last week was parent teacher visitation at the children’s school. We (Ms. MMK and I) got terrific reports about both of our children.

Yesterday, my boys got a present from their Judaica studies tutor. The tutor went on to tell my wife how both boys were so well mannered. Both children said thank you and did not open the present till after their session was completed.

Neither of these things is earth-shattering. So what!

Look for the good. Be happy. I give you permission.

Thanks for the reminder BR.

16 thoughts on “Good Reasons for You to be Happy

  1. I’d be really happy if I didn’t have to go back to Toys R Us today for the second time in two days because I forgot to buy a birthday gift for a five year old when I was there yesterday.

  2. For years and years I’ve lived a life of Gratitude, it makes a world of difference when you spend the day being thankful for all that is around and all you have. It’s easy to be happy with all of those reminders!

  3. Absolutely. With all the horrible stuff that goes on in the world, if we don’t take time to focus on the goodness in our lives, no matter how small the good thing may be, our hearts will get weighted down for sure.

  4. Thank you, Larry!
    Your reminder that being miserable on someone else’s behalf is pointless is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’ll try to focus on the positive and go to the bookstore for a few hours. That’s always good for a pick-me-up!

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