Four Reasons I Won’t Miss the Birthday House Party

No house birthday party for you.BR’s birthday is this weekend and he’s turning 12. So, how are we celebrating? Let me quote what a mom asked me the other day, “What do you do for a kid whose turning 12?”

In the past, our answer to birthdays was easy: birthday house party.

In fact, Mrs. MMK and I – well mostly Mrs. MMK –have become the masters of the birthday house party.

Mrs. MMK has a whole process for the birthday house party.

First, she comes up with a theme for the birthday house party. Then she focuses on birthday house party ideas which fit the theme. These ideas included the games, goodie bags, posters, piñatas, cakes, etc.

Check out the birthday house party ideas she came with for the Minion party or the Angry Birds party or the Minecraft party.

Yes, the woman knows how to throw a birthday house party and is a master at birthday house party ideas.

She’s sad about BR’s lack of interest in a birthday house party.

I’m not.

Here are the top four reasons I will not miss the birthday house party.

  1. Are You Coming?

Remember when the RSVP meant something. Ignoring an RSVP was a faux pas that meant embarrassment and risked earning the guilty party the label of rude.

Well, those days are gone! RSVP’s – yeah, yeah I’ll get to it when I get a chance.

We’ve had parties where two days before ½ the invitees had not yet let us know if they were coming. We’ve had people show up who never RSVP’d at all. “Oh, I figured you knew I was coming.” Uhh – no that’s why there’s an RSVP, and we emailed twice to ask.

You try planning for a birthday house party when you have no idea how many kids will be there.

  1. The Frantic Search

Coming up with the theme is the easy part of the house birthday party. Just pay attention to what the boys are into – what games they are playing, what shows they are watching, what books they are reading, etc.

It’s coming up with the birthday house party ideas and associated paraphernalia that’s the challenging part. Again, Mrs. MMK excels at this part. She loves searching the internet for ideas and coming her own creations.

So, what’s the problem? Mrs. MMK becomes possessed, and every conversation comes back to the party.


“So, I started using drugs and kicking animals.”

“Ohh. Hey do you think Minions bowling would go over well at the party?”

  1. The Set-up

Set-up for every party is challenging, and the birthday house party is no different. When party day arrives, Mrs. MMK is wired and plans running around in her head. And, the children are ready to start the party from the minute they wake up. I’d rather hide till party time.

But there’s no hiding. Work has to get done. There’s the setting of the table, organizing the games, hanging the posters, etc., Finally, there’s the walk through where we choreograph how the party should proceed and time out each segment.

I know how that last sentence sounds. But the flow is key. Trust me. By the way, the biggest debates revolve around flow.

  1. The Clean-up

Kids can be slobs. Really. Mine included.

Trash cans be damned. The mass majority of the kids have no time, patience, or inclination to bother throwing out the trash. And they leave trash and messes everywhere.

I know what they’re thinking – “Isn’t that what you’re for big guy?” Yeah, yeah, Now, go have fun, and make my kid happy. By the way, those few times when a kid actually asks where a trash can is are golden – I practically hugged a kid once for asking me about the trash.

Did you notice I didn’t say the party itself? I actually like the parties. I get to see my kids happy and enjoying time with their friends. I get a chance to meet the parents of those friends. I get to eat the leftover cake and ice cream.

Alright – fine – I’ll say it. I’m going to miss the birthday house party too.

6 thoughts on “Four Reasons I Won’t Miss the Birthday House Party

    • Yes, she really puts her all into it.
      I think BR enjoyed his birthday – little reaction. It seems to be the way of the 12-year-old. What do you think?

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