Feeling Better

102.3! No, I am not referring to a radio station.

“I told you I didn’t feel well,” I said, vindicated. I was shaking, my teeth were chattering, I was itchy, and I felt a perpetual need to pee.

And I was scared.

The last time I had a fever was about 30 years ago. I was 10. I woke up on Saturday morning, excited to play little league basketball. As a child, I lived for little league; some of my best memories come from me playing on various teams for the Bustleton Boys Club. I played basketball and baseball. My soccer career ended after one year when I didn’t even score one goal (I was robbed!), and my team was 1-7-1. Anyway, I woke up and called for my mom. Five minutes later, she removed the thermometer and diagnosed me with fever.

“But doc, I want to play. My team needs me.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Ahh mom. Come on. I’ll be fine.” I tried getting out of my top bunk bed. Was it me or was the room spinning? It was me, and I was done. I resigned myself to missing my game. Turns out the flu bug was going around, and many kids had to miss the game.

So, you could say I am not used to being sick.

My family and I had been at a synagogue event – parent/child learning. My wife was the organizer, so she was running around making sure everything was going smoothly. As the hour turned to 8:30 pm, SJ was getting cranky, and I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.

“Will you take me home? Daddy doesn’t feel well. So, can you take me home?”

SJ said through muffled tears, “What about mommy and BR?”

“They can get a ride home from someone.”

“Okay. You can take me home, and I’ll take you home.”

“Thanks buddy. I really don’t feel well.” BR told my wife we were leaving. She was ready for this contingency. A meltdown can come at any time at that hour. She just did not expect me to be the one melting down.

A rough Saturday night of Advil and fitful sleep followed. However, upon waking up Sunday morning, my fever was gone. G-d bless drugs. I probably should have relaxed and taken it easy, but I didn’t. After all, I am not used to lying in bed sick.

102.3 is back to being a radio station. And that is music to my ears.


49 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. Glad you are getting better! 🙂 wow 30 years ago was the last time you had fever, wow, you must be very healthy, when I get fever, I don’t even know where I am sometimes (not kidding), it gets really bad! anyway, get more rest 🙂

  2. Oh what a typical kid you were! My kids fight it too, trying everything to hide how horrible they feel so they keep up their usual pace. Not me, when I’m sick I’m happy to take a day of rest on the couch!

  3. Love that Advil! The pediatrician always reprimands me when I give it to the kids because it works so well, and apparently a fever is nature’s way of fighting infection, so she’d rather have the kids sweat it out. Kind of a masochist, don’t you think?

    • thanks for being a subscriber and the 300th. I’m sorry I could not make balloons fall and give you a brand new car (say that in a Don Pardo voice). Actually, I would like a brand new car. Can you hook me up?

  4. Hi,
    I am glad you have recovered, but you diagnosed yourself correctly. You should have stayed in bed another day. Sure, I know there is lots to do, but those things could have waited one more day.
    Go easy.

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