Eating or Sleeping

It’s the late afternoon of a fast day – no eating or drinking. The fast began at 4:38 a.m. and concludes at 9:11 p.m. I didn’t get up to eat before it started but did make sure to have a midnight snack. Anyway, it’s nearly 5:15, and I am hungry. Not a shocker there. Vegas wouldn’t have paid much on that bet. However, I feel the same degree of hunger (and less thirst) now as when I woke up. So in affect, there has been no change – I feel the same. A phenomenon – not quite Newton – but a phenomenon. I am a good faster. I am not quite sure where that fits on a resume (unless you’re the hunger artist – maybe Kafka was also a good faster) but a skill none-the-less
I have this theory. You can either be good at fasting or staying up all night. Both these tasks are required at various times throughout the Jewish calendar. However, fasting is much more common. So, I have it good. Anyway, I have next to zero scientific proof in support of my theory. However, it makes sense -doesn’t it? You know, “you can’t have everything” and all.
Those of us who fast are tough. Deprivation for a purpose. We can survive hard times. No food today – that’s okay I’ll be fine. You eat (weakling). Those who can stay up all night are selfless. At first, this meant that you were nosy. Going to sleep meant leaving the party. Who knew what would happen when you left – the good things always happen just after you leave. However, as you got older staying up all night became heroic. No, I’ll get the baby. It’s no problem, I got it. You go to sleep. I’ll be fine.
Well, just a few more hours and the fast will be over. I will be able to eat. Yup, yup, I’ll probably grab something to eat then or maybe not. It’s not like I have to. I am just fine. I got skills.

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