I Won’t Write That

Won't Write that: Children Should Not Be Fodder for a blogI can’t write that.

I can’t write about my children as I once did. Let me amend that. I won’t write about my children like I once did.

My children are 10.5 and 8. They have strong opinions. They are online all the time. They know I have a blog. No, they don’t read the blog (unless I read it to them) but instead spend their time on video games and Youtube.

Share Every Detail

We all know of parenting blogs that were started five minutes after the stick indicated positive. You know the type of bloggers I’m talking about. They share the countdown till when the baby is born from morning sickness, to Lamaze classes, to packing the bag, and of course, their anxiety. Am I really ready for this? Will I be a good parent? Will the baby be healthy? What sex will the baby be? Of course, that is only the beginning. Once the baby, is born you dear reader hear about every step (literally) of the child’s development. It’s a combination of sweet and nauseating.

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A Journalist Reacts to Charlie Hebdo

Charlie HedboJournalistThe terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine office made a profound impression upon Ms. MMK. As a journalist, she feels a sense of camaraderie with others in the profession.  Here’s her reaction.

I’m proud to be a journalist today.

It’s not like I write about chemical warfare in Syria or Boko Haram raids in Nigeria. Heck no. I was too scared to go into the Haunted House at Walt Disney World. There’s no way I’m putting my life in danger to expose tyranny.

But I respect the hell out of the people who do. People who don’t sit in their comfy houses and just watch brutality on their smartphones. People who seek horrors out, so they can tell the world how much evil exists.

Journalists aren’t drafted. They’re not forced to serve. They choose to be our ears and eyes. Some people are born with a burning desire to make things right. They forge ahead with blinders to find what’s wrong in this world, so they can warn others and let them know.

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Developing Patience: What are the Benefits?

Developing Patience Is it possible to change?

With New Year’s day just behind us, change seems to be the word of the day. I think change is possible. And for me that change is about developing patience. I want to be more patient.


But, what exactly is patience? According to dictionaryreference.com, patience comes from the Latin word patientia which means endurance, submission; quality of suffering. A modern definition for patience refers to an ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance. To sum it up in blunt terms – having patience means dealing with crap in a reasonable way without succumbing to pissedoffness (I made that word up – feel free to quote me but I do want credit).

That certainly sounds like a goal worth striving for. But what about letting things out and not bottling up your emotions? Maybe, losing your patience is actually a better way to handle things. Doesn’t our society appreciate hard charging? How many type A personalities, who are equated with success, bother with patience? Don’t they damn the torpedoes and go after what they want? With this in mind, why bother with patience Maybe I should find another personality trait that needs work.

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Why I Had to Stop Being A Complete Slacker

A nice place to slack

No beach time: Can’t Slack Now!

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is the ultimate in-between week. When I was employed by the New York City Department of Education, I appreciated this week off, courtesy of them. It was wonderful. Sleep late – or as late as my boys would allow. Catch up with friends. Quality time with the family. Best of all it meant no work. I was a slacker.

But now I’m a solopreneur, and no one is giving me one paid day off, let alone a week.

To read more, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-i-cant-complete-slacker-larry-bernstein