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I have a business idea, and I need your help. That help could simply be through your verbal support and encouragement or though your financial backing. Both levels of support would be most beneficial. I can ensure you a great return on your money. Let me give you some background.

This past week was a crappy sleeping week for my children and therefore it was crappy sleeping for my wife and I. You have all been there done that and probably posted about it at least once yourself. We all do it. So, there is no use complaining about it. Therefore, the question turns to what are you going to do about it? I don’t mean just drink coffee (I don’t EVEN like coffee, but that’s not the point) or try and find time to grab a quick nap. I am thinking a more long term solution. Real action!

Here it is – drum roll for my brilliant idea please – KIDDIE KENNEL. A kid kennel is for those times when you absolutely need to get rid of your kids. I don’t mean babysitting for an hour. No, I mean for a few days, weeks if you must, at a time. I am not judging. We don’t judge at Kiddie Kennel. Anyway, can you imagine the commercial?

You have a picture of a parent or parents who are looking stressed and disheveled. Kids crying, kids fighting, kids waking up in the middle of the night, etc. The parent(s) can’t take it anymore. Rather than snapping or having the kids watch hours upon hours of television, they just pack a bag and drive them off to the Kiddie Kennel. When they get to the kennel, they drop the child off with a suitcase and a friendly, responsible, and safe-looking individual takes the child off the parent’s hands. The parent turns around, sighs, and heads back to the car.

In the next clip, the parent(s) is at home. They parent(s) hears birds chirping, gets work accomplished, wakes up refreshed, and even engages in some nocturnal activities with their spouse. Later, the parent(s) returns to Kid Kennel. They again meet the friendly, responsible, and safe individual who shakes their hand and returns the kids, who are all smiles. Everyone is happy.

Tell me that is not a brilliant idea. Tell me you would not like a Kid Kennel in your neighborhood. Tell me you would not utilize the services of Kid Kennel. Of course you would! Wow, I have finally done it. This is my Apple. I’m going right to the top, baby. Oh yes, and I am offering you a chance to invest in this seminal shift in child rearing. No need for thanks.

So, tell me are you interested?

*Of course, this is tongue in cheek. I would never want this for my children. No, never. Really.


67 thoughts on “Brilliant Idea

      • I get the kennel thing, and staying for a week or longer. When I was a kid, that meant going to my grannie’s house for a “visit.” Once, that lasted over a year.

          • My year long stay was because my father got posted to a base for one year, my mom didn’t want to disrupt my first year of school, so my older sister and I went and stayed with our grandparents. I started school in a three room school with two classes in each room. Toilets were outside, and they didn’t flush if you know what I mean. We had electricity, but the rooms were still heated by wood burning stoves. (This was in the fall of 1959) Mrs. Graham was my teacher, and she was wonderful. Strict, but wonderful. Since I could already read, she let me read with the second graders in our classroom. Things sure have changed a lot!

  1. But you’d have to come up with a better name…like the two-four-seven. They care for your kids 24/7. Then you could say you were taking them to the old two-four-seven. Kiddie kennel just doesn’t sit right! He he

  2. I actually posted about sleep like two seconds ago. Now, as for Kiddie Kennel, I think that if your staff was a mix of high energy uniformed men–think Imagination Movers–and grandma-esque women–think The Golden Girls with proper baking abilities, you might have a few takers.

  3. Like it??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! Where do I invest? Except you’re in the wrong country. Perhaps I could start one here in Melbourne. Seriously though, could you imagine the outcry from all those do-gooders because some of us wanted to rid ourselves of our kids for a week to refresh, recharge and replenish.

    • Firstly, I appreciate your enthusiasm.
      Secondly, Kiddie Kennel does not have to know boundaries. We could open up in Australia and I know just the woman to open our flagship establishment. Think about it.

    • Whoa, whoa – look at you Ms. Wall Steet (well, the Canadian version of course) with your talk of ROI.
      ANyway, I like your way of thinking. I am considering putting you in charge of development. Details to follow.

  4. Hi,
    I had to laugh, because you were being pretty ironic or maybe not. No, I don’t kids kennels are the solutions to parent’s problems, but I don’t have any kids! I can only sympathize with the kids because I was the same way when I was a child. My daddy use to ask my mother, “when does she sleep?”
    My sisters and my brother would be dead to the world, and I was sitting up in bed, talking to myself. I can hear my daddy yelling now from his bedroom, “Go to sleep!” As soon as I thought my parents were asleep, I would get up and play in the living room. (I am laughing, but not at you.) Reading this about your kids, lets me know how terrible I was as a kid. It is nice when you have gotten through it and can look back and see how frantic your parents were.
    So, I’ll be thinking of you and your wife the next few days and will even be praying for BR and SJ to settle down and start sleeping through the night.
    Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea.

  5. Hi,
    Just looked at what I wrote and I left out a word in the second sentence because I was thinking much faster than I write. It should be No, I don’t think kids kennels are the solutions…….

  6. This made me laugh. I am currently sleep training/potty training twin toddlers and this just totally tickled me… perhaps the makings of a book along the lines of “Go the F@#@ to Sleep” .
    Any way, where I live there is a program for stressed parents where your kids can be dropped off for up to three days. Not sure on all the details but a single friend of mine once used it so she did not loose it with her kids. Perhaps this could be a big biz if you did it from a non-profit stand point.

  7. Hilarious. At first, I thought the kiddie kennel was like a little box that dogs sleep in. It is a pretty good idea actually. Like a baby-sitter who would watch the kids for a few days at a time. yes, it is a brilliant idea. 🙂

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