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I got into blogging for selfish reasons. I loved writing but my commitment to it swayed. There were times I would write regularly and then go months and write nothing. It’s not as if I did or did not have ideas. What I didn’t have was commitment.

When I finally committed to blogging (a few people had suggested that I do it), I decided that I would post regularly. I also figured that I would put it out there and people would read it. After my first blog post, I contacted everyone on my email list and let them know that I was now a blogger. I invited them to come take a look at the blog. Fortunately, a number of people did. I felt content.

As I continued blogging regularly, I noticed something. Comments on the blog were rare and the views dipped dramatically. Didn’t everyone want to read my brilliant, comical, insightful pieces? Weren’t those readers compelled to react? I didn’t understand the lack of reaction.

Six months after I began the blog, I was speaking to a friend of mine who is tech/new media savvy who also happened to like my writing. He asked me, “Do you read other people’s blogs?”


“Other people blog too you know. Read theirs and that will encourage them to read yours.”

I had never thought of this. As I said, I was blogging to write, not to read. However, the blogging felt empty. I was pushing myself to improve and desirous of feedback but never thought that others might be in the same position. I told you I was selfish.

A couple of weeks after the conversation, I had a day off from work. I resolved to read and comment on 10 other blogs. After doing so, rather than wondering where did the time go, I felt exhilarated. I was engaging in (electronic) conversation with people all over.

While I would like to say my blog took off, and I have never looked back, that is not 100% true. (   However, I have gained something greater: a community.  A number of my fellow bloggers have become friends with whom I am in contact outside of the blog. We have shared in each other’s lives, given opinions, shared advice, offered sympathy, and appreciated successes.

So, while I started blogging for selfish reasons and still look at it as way to work on my writing, I have gained a great benefit.

On that note, I want to expand further. I want to find more blogs to add to my repertoire.

Let me tell you what I do and don’t look for in a blog. First, I don’t care for blogs that are a laundry list of what a person/family did day after day. I enjoy blogs that can find humor in the every day or humor in general. I also like when the blogger is truly willing to dig deep and share. I don’t care for posts that are too long or too short. Lastly and most importantly, I like a blogger who will engage – respond to comments and will also reciprocate and offer comments on my blog posts. However, it is not a tit for tat.

So, do you have or can you recommend a blog for me?

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  1. I am a dedicated follower, however I only leave comments on occasion. Sometimes there isn’t really much to say. I do enjoy your blogs and look forward to them popping up in my email. I think since you began I only missed one and I might go and find it now! I have begun following other blogs that I believe may have been recommended by you, but not sure. Anyway, my advice is google topics you might like and see what pops up. Maybe that is too risky but sometimes you find some good stuff.
    Have a good shabbos. See you soon.

    • I just might do that.
      I know you have been a loyal follower and I really appreciate it. Thank you for that.
      While I love comments, I don’t necessarily expect comments every time. Sometimes, posts don’t grab you or there is not much you can add.
      It’s cool.

  2. I learned a lot from you in a short amount of time – and the fact that you were willing to comment on my blog made me feel it was okay to comment on others, and it has really enriched my blogging experience!

    I’m struggling to find other blogs, too. I try and give each one a couple of months time before I give up. I did read a blogger the other day who makes a point to pick one or two comments and go read their blog – and read one or two blogs from those comments. (Does that make sense?) I think I might try that.

    • You know I really appreciate that first comment. You also know that you are one of the people I had in mind – in terms of meeting. At least, I hope you do.
      I do know what you mean. I actually do that sometimes. I’ll have to try it again.

  3. I’m not sure if we have the same taste in blogs but here’s one I really like:

    It’s written by a Belgian man about his cat. I know that sounds potentially odd, but I’m not even a cat person and I’ve fallen in love with this quirky blog. The photos are beautiful and he write with wit and a surprising philosophical edge. Give it a try and see if it’s your cup of tea!

    Hope your summer is off to a good start!

  4. I love your blog! My biggest issue is I read the blog posts mostly at work and cannot log into WP to comment or hit “like”. I try to go back later and follow up – but I don’t always get to it. In that regard, I’m a lousy blogger. 🙁

    However, I do wish you well in finding more blogs! I love it when I find a new blog to love!

    • Thanks so much. I always appreciate hearing compliments on the blog.
      I don’t think you are a lousy blogger – just busy.
      So, give me a blog to love!

  5. I can so relate to the reasons for starting and the need for consistent writing. I still struggle to stay consistent.
    I too was told that is the way to build readership; visiting and commenting on others. I’ve spent some time doing this, but also had to take a step back and wonder why it mattered to me how many were reading. I ultimately decided my blog’s primary purposes are 1) an outlet for me to do something I love- writing 2) a chronicle of our lives. I have a horrible memory! Sometimes I read back through old posts and find myself giggling right along like the story is new. I fear if I didn’t blog, they would all be forgotten! I decided not to worry about if anyone was reading (that was hard) and focus on telling my story. I get my fix when I get private messages about posts (like today’s) from friends I didn’t know were readers.
    There are several I read daily, but they don’t fit your criteria:). I have found it difficult to find blogs that really hook me!

    • You raise and interesting point. I suppose we all have our reasons for blogging. I have accomplished my goal of improving my writing, yet I always want to improve. However, if no one commented/engaged, it would feel empty – a tree falling in the woods – does it make a sound sort of things. For me the community aspect is really special. I am not sure exactly why or how to explain it.

      I guess it is not only me – struggling to find blogs I really like or hook me.

  6. Okay Larry, here we go: First, I shared your blog post – because it’s once more one of those I like so much! I enjoy reading your post, but I guess I’ve told you that before. And considering the fact that we do read and comment on each other’s blogs, I doubt I need to recommend mine. LOL – I would, however love to ask you, if you do regularly read the blogs of Laurie W. Smith, I could imagine you’d like his blog a lot. By thinking about it… I do like reading blogs that are more for “women”… do you know what I mean? And then that’s mine as well… Thank you for reading it, Larry! Really!!!

    • Thanks Raani. This might sound egotistical or needy, but I don’t get tired of hearing it.
      I know of him from the LI group but I don’t think I’ve ever actually read it. A couple of times I saw topics that didn’t grab me. However, I will check it out on your recommendation.
      In regards to those women blogs, as long as they are not too chick focused, I might enjoy reading them. So, what’s the best of the best?
      P.S. Very happy to read your blog!

  7. I have to say – the fact that you are no longer with WordPress is kind of annoying. If I leave a comment and it gets a response, I have to track it, instead of it just showing up. Grrr . .

    Yes, you are right – the way to get people to read your blog, is to read theirs. Kind of forms a community. But I never really thought of it that way, I just read for fun, and comment. And then check out who commented on my blog. In retrospect, though, I see that when I comment less, I get less comments myself.

    Re other blogs: That’s a question that takes time to answer. I would have to look it up. 🙂

    • I don’t know why that occurs. I have not heard it from others.
      I myself have that issue if I am not following the person. One way to handle it (though you end up getting extra mail) is clicking where it says Notify me of follow-up comments via email.
      Anyway, I hope you find it is worth the time invested when it comes to my blog – MMK.

      • I don’t know, either. I do click the “notify me,” but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t show me every comment. (For example, this is the first time I’ve received an email that you responded to my comment, and I know that you respond to every comment; however, when others post comments, I receive a notification – usually, I think.)

        Yes, I think it is a worthwhile investment. 🙂

        • I am glad you think it is a worthwhile investment. Ego booster.
          IN terms of the techie stuff, I don’t know. Definitely not my area.

          • It’s an ego booster for me that you read my blog, considering what you define as worthy of reading and what you see as just a waste of time.

            I don’t get the techie stuff, either. I just leave it to WordPress.

  8. I really like this post. Sorry I don’t have any blogs to recommend to you. I’ve been so busy lately, I’m barely keeping up with my own reading.

    • That’s okay. I hope you get the kids into something this summer and work is reasonable so you have some more free time.

  9. I’m particularly fond of Single Working Mom. She’s open and honest about what’s going on with her life, including her daughter’s recent diagnosis of Childhood Anxiety Disorder.

    If you’re looking for something outside the urban norm, try BarnYarn. She doesn’t post all the time, but she does give a quirky perspective of country living.

  10. I think you are a great blogger Larry, you are always kind, smart and leave really funny comments and you always answer to the comments we leave on your blog too! 🙂 because of bloggers like you, I really enjoy the blogging community and when I write something I don’t feel as if I am writing it just for me anymore! 🙂
    unfortunately, lately I haven’t been able to read all the blogs I like because of lack of time and we are going through a difficult time with our baby but I do recommend you Anka’s blog at / , she is a lovely lady who writes about real stuff! I think you both would get along really well. You can pay her a visit to her blog and you will see she is a very nice lady 🙂

    • Thank you!
      It means alot to me that you appreciate the comments. I am really touched that I have helped you enjoy the blogging community.
      I’ve checked out her blog in the past but will try it again based on your reccomendation.

  11. I enjoyed this (and tweeted it – not sure if you are @larrybernstein on Twitter?) and am so grateful we are friendly outside of our blogs. I’m excited for and inspired by your recent writing success. You’re working it and it’s working! Way to go!

    • Cool. Thanks so much. I am not into twitter at this point. Any tips on how to get started? I feel slightly overwhelmed by all the new media. I am going to start a separate facebook page for my blog very shortly. Do you have one? Again – any thoughts?

  12. I do love your blog. I do normally receive it while, I am still that work, so I tend not to response. But, it is always excited when that email pops up that your post has arrived. I generally listen to it right away as my iPad reads it to me, as I am to excited to wait. Please, that I do not always comment but I do listen to it and love our blog.

    • Thanks for sharing that with me. I appreciate it very much.
      Cool that your iPad reads it to you. I am so impressed when anyone utilizes technology.

  13. You NEVER come to my blog … what’s up with that??? Ha ha, just kidding 🙂
    I know I sent you a recommendation of one of my favorite bloggers – Life with the Top Down. Let me know if you got a chance to read her blog yet.

    And I totally agree with you … I think the connections I’ve made through blogging from people like you that I’ve met have helped me grow to love blogging. Like the others, I started writing to share my story but it does feel good to have feedback from others especially if its something I’m struggling with. I appreciate the support, advice and friendship.

    • I did read her blog once. I’ll have to check it out again. I’d like to return visit soon though.
      I’m with you on the blogging reasoning.

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