Best Minion Birthday Party. Ever.

Post by Ms. MMK.

Minion wishing SJ happy birthday.

Minion wishing SJ happy birthday.

It all started with one question. SJ (who starts thinking about his birthday about 7 months in advance), asked, “Mommy, I want to have a minion birthday party.”

In case it hasn’t come through yet in Mr. MMK’s blogs, SJ’s enthusiasm is boundless and wonderful, so the prospect of giving him what he wants and enjoying the reaction is quite appealing.

I felt my inner Martha Stewart rise (come on, you know she’s in all of us – some of us just squeeze her into our toes).

I started Google-ing. Minion cupcakes made out of twinkies? “Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” as SJ would say. Oh, but you have to start with cupcakes and frosting, cut the twinkies, delicately make the goggles out of….never mind. That many Twinkies won’t survive that long in a kitchen with me.

Minion bowling? Cool. Spray-painting soda bottles half yellow and half blue? I’m having visions of my children painted half yellow and half blue because they got in the way of my madness.

So I turn to face inner Martha. Calm down there, Miss M., we’re going to do this my way. And here it is: The full-time working Mom’s version of the Best Minion Birthday Party. Ever.

Minion printables via Disney Website

Kids enjoying Minion printable from Disney Web site

It started with printables from the Disney Web site ( I shipped them off to for some cheap color copies, and the kids got busy as soon as they walked in. Then the “party team” (Mr. and Mrs. MMK, Mr.’s Mom, and BR) sprang into action, expertly guiding the kids through three minion party games.

Pinning eye on the Minion

SJ attempting to pin the eye on the Minion

  • Pin the eye on the Minion

    SJ’s birthday guests enjoying the pin the eye on the Minion


  • Minion banana toss – I bought the monkey banana toss game from Oriental Trading ( bananas) and spray painted it white, replacing the monkeys with minions. Okay,  that was a little crafty…pipe down Miss M.
    Toss a banana into a Minion

    SJ successfully tossing a banana into the Minion

  • Minion bowling – I bought yellow bowling targets from S&S Worldwide ( and put minion eyes on them
    Minion bowling

    Minion bowling


After the games the kids watched exactly 12 minutes of minion mini movies (, which gave us enough time to set up the cake and ice cream.

Of course, the finale was the minion piñata. It is no longer with us, having fallen prey to the sugar cravings of 11 five- to seven-year-olds. R.I.P., piñata.

Minion pinata

SJ, Pinata, (before hanging and destruction) and Grandma

I’m going to leave you with one final tip – I can’t resist. I didn’t spend money on every type of minion paper goods. I bought the minion tablecover and balloons (smiley faces that I put minion goggles on), and the rest was whatever was on sale at Shop Rite.

So there it is, my legacy. Ready for the next Mom whose child turns their bright eyes to her, pleading, “Oh Mommy, make me a minion party!” She’ll find all the answers she needs on Mr. MMK’s blog.

Worth it? Well, as I was tiredly chasing down SJ at the end of the party to give his friends a proper goodbye, I heard him turn to his friend and say, “BEST DAY EVER!” Mrs. MMK (and her inner Miss M) smiled from head to toe.

Mother and child after birthday party

SJ & the party planner, AKA Ms. MMK

27 thoughts on “Best Minion Birthday Party. Ever.

  1. I love it! My Inner – Martha has learned that I take shortcuts and she’s learned to just shut up about it! LOL. I know exactly what minion cupcakes Mrs. MMK is talking about – they are super cute and I thought the same thing – there is no way that is happening in my kitchen! 🙂

    Looks like a great party and that everyone had a wonderful time!

    • Thank you – I think it will be remembered until February, when he starts cooking up his plans for the next birthday!!!
      Mrs. MMK

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all, even Grandma! Way to go on hosting a successful theme party that didn’t break the bank or send Mrs. MMK over the brink! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday SJ!!

  3. Keeping it real. The internet needs more of these posts & less Pinterest contest magazine perfect ones. These are the best what a fun party & well done on pulling it all off!

  4. Hi,
    It sounds like he had the best birthday party ever, as he said, and it is a memory that he will never forget. These are the kind of memories that help us to reach out to other kids when we become adults.
    Great job.

    Please give him a happy belated birthday greeting from me.


  5. oh! I love this party & I’m sure SJ LOVED it, he has a great mommy! 🙂 My little one is only 2 years old but I know he would’ve loved this party very much too (he loves the minions too) 🙂
    I like the piñata very much too!

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