Are You Ready for Some Football?

There are a number of news stories that are roiling this summer. They include the debt limit, the troubles in Syria, Libya and the rest of the Middle East, and the media scandal in Britain. While I am interested in all of these stories to a varying extent, the story that I am most interested in is the NFL Lockout.
Am I lame? The ramifications of the debt crisis are tremendous and affect my life now and in the future. I truly hope a reasonable solution is worked out and certainly have an opinion on the issue. The crisis in the Middle East is not confined there and ultimately affects the safety of us here in America. Will the will of the people be respected? Will these people that are striving to overthrow repressive governments be more reasonable in terms of their behavior towards the West? The British media scandal, while seemingly contained to Britain, leads one to wonder if and how often it happens here in America. Could the media be going beyond their limits in striving to put out breaking news? The intensity of competition can force people and companies to act in irresponsible and potentially dangerous ways. Yes, each of these stories is relevant and important.
I love football. I love sports in general, but I have a soft spot for football. Maybe, it is a hard spot. I think if somehow my hometown team, the Eagles, won the Super Bowl, I would feel euphoric – at least for a moment (between the brief offseason and a new victor being crowned every year, only a moment to savor that victory). I just miss the sport. Games have not been canceled because of the strike – that would mean lost money and neither side wants that. What has been lost or shortened is the offseason happenings. There is free agency, rookie camps, etc. Many may not care about this as the casual fan does not take notice till early September. For us fanatics, the season starts much earlier.
So, I am ready for the NFL season – make a deal! Then, I can worry about the other stuff – the US defaulting, the Middle East in turmoil, and the over-reaching press. On second thought, maybe, I can live without football for a little while longer.

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