Amazed N’ Curious Splash N’ Dash

“Look how long this bridge is. Have you guys ever seen such a long bridge?”
“Wow, this is so long.” SJ
“No. Are we still over the water?” BR
“Yup. We are crossing over the Henry Hudson River.”
“Who’s Henry Hudson?” BR
“He was an explorer. You should look him up.”
“This the longest bridge ever.” SJ
“How long is it daddy?” BR
“I don’t know. Look it up. Guys, look to your right. You see New York City? You see the tall buildings?”
“Wow, I can see it. That’s amazing.” SJ
“How far is it to Manhattan from here?”BR
“I don’t know. Look it up.”
Amazed and curious – these are my children.

On Sunday afternoon, we strolled into the Discovery Museum in Connecticut. Well, it looked good on the website. My wife paid the entrance fee – $36 – as I distracted the boys. I hoped it would the rest of the museum was more impressive than the entrance.
Ninety minutes later we left the museum. Amazed, or SJ as I refer to him here, for some reason loved the color house. Curious, or BR as I refer to him here, was fully engaged with the simulated outer space mobility feature.
While my wife and I thought the museum was mediocre at best, the boys were content. And that’s all that matters.
Later, we arrived at the hotel. My children love staying in hotels. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about hotels they love, but I think amazed and curious are happy to be in a new place. Unfortunately, amazed and curious’ love for hotels does not translate into their care for hotel rooms. In fact, their decibel level and trashing of the room would have made you think that amazed and curious were some pompous rock band or star duo had been the hotel guest and not two young children.
I thought the hotel and room were standard, not memorable.
On Monday morning, we went to a water park. Amazed and curious splashed away for two hours enjoying each of the water attractions.
I thought the water park was a bit small and was disappointed when the children were done after two hours.
Next up was the arcade. Off amazed and curious ran. They spent a good half hour playing games, collecting tickets, and picking out prizes.
As they went along, I questioned, “Don’t you want to try this game, no, do it like this, why don’t you get one big prize? I think you would have more fun if you did.”
Advice not needed.
By 1:30, we were on the road home. Amazed and curious were occupied in a game of seek and find with my wife before eventually employing various electronic devices.
While they were involved with their gadgets, my wife turned to me and asked, “Did you have a good time?”
“The museum was kind of lame, the hotel was okay, the boys were done so quickly at the water park and what is up with those prizes BR picked out. What about you?”
“I really enjoyed getting away.”
“I’m glad. It is nice to get away.”
“Yup. Besides the boys enjoyed it – you know BR actually wanted to go back to the museum, and SJ thought the hotel was awesome.”
“Really? Okay then.”
I’ll take SJ and BR any time. It’s good to be amazed and curious. It’s good to have a great trip.

20 thoughts on “Amazed N’ Curious Splash N’ Dash

  1. This sounds like the trips we used to take when I was a kid with my parents and brothers 🙂 I was the one asking all the questions in the car. These are nice trips, enjoy them while they are still small.

  2. hehehehehe – I love hotel rooms! I walk in and my smile widens and I walk around flipping switches and opening doors and checking out the bathroom! Sounds like you guys had a good time – what a great adventure! You made some memories!

    • I told my kids one of the rules of hotel rooms is that you have to flip on the tv and check out every channel. Yes, I like flipping the switches too.

  3. I love the amazement and curiosity of children. It’s one of their best attributes. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve managed to hold onto in my adult years. The ability to muster up that amazement and curiousity, the thrill of the new. I only wish it was so easier to feel that way more often.

    • Thanks. I appreciate the positive feedback. To be honest, I felt very sensitive about putting up a picture. It feels personal.

  4. My son is always asking me to stay in hotels. He even wants to stay in hotels in our own city! I think it’s the new and different stuff that gets them excited.
    Interesting post though — you know what I picked up from this? It’s interesting that you were not as impressed as the kids were. I think kids will always be amazed and curious about anything new no matter if its in the backyard or a plane ride away.

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