All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: The Party That Never Was

The ingredients were purchased.

Fonzi's freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

Fonzi’s freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

The food was made.

The house was cleaned.

The chairs were arranged.

The gifts were bought.

And then came the phone calls. Texts. And emails.

Forty two people were supposed to be in my home today for a Post-Chanukah Chanukah party. That’s nearly as many Jews as went down to Egypt during Jacob’s time. It’s also nearly every relative I have from my side of the family (other than those that are out of country). And each relative was going to bring a dish to complement the food that my wife had already cooked.

Why didn’t this party happen today? The darn weather! Here in the North Jersey area the weather was fine till late in the day. By Sunday evening light snow was falling.

However, the majority of our guests are coming from out of state. Suburbs of Philadelphia to be exact. And the weather in the city of Brotherly Love was not nearly as accommodating. Snow, ice, sleet. Terrible driving conditions.

Maybe we should move somewhere warm, like Texas. Whoops, that’s not going to work either.North Texas ice storm might be arriving a little ahead of schedule. Icemageddon.

So, the cancellations came in. First, it was my next older brother. Bummer, he and his children will be missed, but the party would go on.

Two hours later three more cancellations within a few minutes and the great Post-Chanukah Chanukah party of 2013 was no more.

And I’m sad. I was scrubbed and excited. I wanted to play host. I even had a speech in mind. I was going to be witty.


What now?

Well, my freezer is full – too full.

Luckily, when we moved in, this Arthur Fonzarelli style frigerator/freezer was left in the basement. I guess Mr. and Mrs. C. didn’t need it anymore. Anyway, I hate leaving this extra frigerator/freezer on as it drives up my electric bill faster than Danica Patrick completes a lap at the Indy 500.

Yet, we have no choice.  The food must be saved.

We might have a make-up date for a post-Channukah Channukah party. Schedule permitting.

If not, here at MMK headquarters we have alot of extra food. So, if you’re in the area, make sure to stop by. We have enough for many guests. And all are welcome. Happy Post-Channukah Channukah party.

23 thoughts on “All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: The Party That Never Was

  1. I’m so very sorry! I know how bummed you were that the party didn’t happen, and I know it was a complete and total let down – and that was just the chemical reaction of all the adrenaline that had built up! I’m sorry the party didn’t happen, I hope you can reschedule it!
    I’m on Day 4 of Icemageddom. Stuck in the house cause I can’t get my car out of the driveway. 🙂

    • You should be honored. Icemageddon was said with you and one other person in mind. Last night Ronit and I spoke about you when she read the piece (writer’s group meeting).
      Anyway – big bummer!!!

  2. Aw, what a bummer! It looks like you had things wonderfully prepared for a fabulous Chanukah party. I hope some of your preparations hold up until you can reschedule. It’s good to know that Texans aren’t the only ones who hunker down in winter storms though =) Enjoy some cozy times with you kiddos!

  3. You know, that sucks… I hope the freezer is supporting your family and will keep the food good for a while. 🙂 Good Luck – and Good Luck with the weather too!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear that. All that preparation for naught. But better safe than sorry I guess. I’m not sure how those of us near Cleveland have been lucky enough to miss “Icemageddon” (love that term, by the way), but so far so good. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself…

  5. Oh no! So sorry about your cancelled party! Never a nice thing… But hey, – enjoy a clean house and all the yummy food! You are ready for any type of weather now! Just as long as you get to keep your electricity…

    • Thanks for the sympathy. The clean house is nice though we often keep our place.
      Anyway, you know what we are having for Shabbos! I think we need some guests.

  6. That is a bummer! At least your freezer is now stocked. Maybe you can have a family or two over another weekend to help celebrate and empty that very cool vintage freezer. And that Eagles win was pretty great, or so I heard from a certain ten-year-old.

  7. At least now you have some food if you’re trapped in your home because of the storm. And Florida, you want to move here. My weather will be a high of 80 and I still have my AC running. This is my time of year where everyone is jealous 🙂

    • Don’t do that. You are just cruel.
      In all honesty, I really do think about moving but I don’t see it happening. I’ve joked multiple times about moving when I retire. Anyway, I would miss family being down there.

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