A Heavenly Interview

We all get frustrated with work. We all have those days. You know what I mean, you’ve been there. The thoughts run through your head:

Is vacation ever going to come?

How many more days to retirement?

How hard is it really to rob a bank?

How much money do really I need each month to live?

Can I FINALLY just win the damn lottery?

Then, the next day comes, and we get up in the morning and go about our busy day. Oh well, what choice do we have – it gets better, and besides, as I argue with myself, my kids like to eat.

I wonder if G-d feels like this. He (no, I am not a sexist, but ‘He’ sounds better than the Eternal Heavenly Being) must. How frustrating are we human beings? We make promises, swear, and pray, but do we really change all that much? We are still liars, thieves, killers, etc. There has to be a point where G-d wants to say, ‘what’s the point?’ He already tried the flood and that didn’t straighten us out. He gave us the 10 commandments and a whole lot of commentary, but how many people follow that carefully.

So, what if G-d decided, I’m tired of this job – so much responsibility and so little reward? What if He considered a new job? After all, the average person goes through 5 careers in a lifetime, so why can’t the Eternal being try something new. It’s time. Anyway, I figure He would go for something in construction, after all, he did build the world. Imagine the interview:

Interviewer: So, Mr. – how do you pronounce that name?

G-d: I have many names. Please just call me Mr. G.

Interviewer: Okay. Mr. G. Can you tell me about your relevant experience?

G-d: Well, I made the world.

Interviewer: I hear you buddy. I’ve been around too. Sometimes, it does feel like I built the world. Anyway, can you be more specific?

G-d: First, I made the heavens and the earth…

Interviewer: What do you mean – bridges?

G-d: Something like that. Anyway, I also made man.

Interviewer: Man? Do you mean you were a stay-at-home dad, raising boys?

G-d: Well, I am with all my children all the time.

Interviewer: You sound like a real family man.

G-d: You could say that.

Interviewer: We appreciate that around here, but we need people who can be flexible with their hours.

G-d: I am very flexible – I can work morning, day, or night, or any combination. However, I don’t work weekends.

Interviewer: Family time.

G-d: Religious needs.

Interviewer: I understand. Do you have any questions for me?

G-d: Thank you, but no. I have the answers.

Interviewer: Okay. We’ll, be in touch.

G-d: Thank you.

Unless he pulled some strings, I’m not so sure G-d would get that job. He might have to go back to his original job. After all, is that so bad? He could make tomorrow a better day. If we really put our heads to it, maybe we all can.

6 thoughts on “A Heavenly Interview

  1. i liked very much the analogy….it seems you have been really wondering what way to express your way about how we all feel ,not only about our jobs,but about all our duties and roles.

    • Thanks for reading and responding.
      I actually have had the interview part of the entry in mind for a while. I thought it was a funny idea. In terms of the writing that framed the interview, I came up with it spontaneously though I am sure it comes from my subconsious. I definitely do spend time considering my roles in life and feel concern about if I am handling things in the best way I can. I consider myself and introspective person.

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