A Dog is Not Every Man’s Best Friend.

A dog is not every man's best friend.The dog, Pearl, a pitbull, licked SJ’s pant leg. SJ’s eyes met Pearl’s, and a moment later, the dog wandered off. SJ went back to playing as if nothing had occurred.

This innocuous moment was a long time in the making.

This year before my family and I became dog owners. BR, SJ’s older brother, loves dogs. For three years, he begged my wife and I to get a dog. While both my wife and I like dogs (she had one growing up), neither of us wanted one (I was more interested in being a grandparent to a dog. Less obligations.).

Yet, we cracked.

Her name is Leila, and she’s a rescue. A mixed breed of Shitzu and Bull Terrior, Leila is 12 pounds. She has white fur with a brown spot near her butt and black fur mixed in on her ear.

She looks sweet. People walked up to her expecting her to be friendly. But she’s a barker. We learned this early.

A few days after we get Leila, SJ was talking to my wife, “I didn’t ask for this.”

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2 thoughts on “A Dog is Not Every Man’s Best Friend.

    • Sorry for the slow response.
      Having a dog has been great (might not have said that the other day when I had to walk her in the freezing cold).
      Do you and your family have a pet?

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