A Boy and A Baby

Boy and a BabyYou get to a point where you think you know your child. Sure, they grow and change all the time.  From crawling to walking and cooing to talking are big changes. But as they get older, and their personalities become clear, we know them.  Or a least we think we do.

Well, I believe I know BR very well. I am an active and engaged father, and we spend quality time together regularly. Side note: we have had a baseball catch every day for the past 3.5 weeks. I know he is stubborn. I know he is inquisitive. I know he loves dogs. I know egg tacos are his favorite food in the world. I know the names of his friends even the girl who he won’t admit he likes. I know he knows who won the World Series every year since 1900.

However, over the course of the past few months a trait of BR’s has emerged that has surprised me. The boy loves babies. He really loves babies. He likes to hold them, talk to them, and entertain them.  He smiles at their every move and excitedly calls out “Look how cute!”

Three nieces and nephews have been born over the past year or so on my wife’s side of the family. Whenever we are with my wife’s family, BR wants to know if the babies are going to be there. In fact, he will literally turn off Minecraft upon the first calling when he knows we are going to see the babies. If that doesn’t say love in 10-year-old boy language, then I don’t know what does.

BR is big on lists. He has a list of his favorite songs, sports teams, etc. Well, babies have risen to number three on his list of beloved items just behind baseball and dogs and just ahead of sloths.  Sloths, by the way, cracked the list after he saw a You Tube video of a baby sloth.

I wonder what it is about babies that BR likes. He wasn’t especially good with SJ when SJ was a baby.  Ms. MMK tells the story of how she came into the room and SJ was on the floor, having rolled out of a tipped over playpen. When BR saw her, he simply said, “He fell.” Ms. MMK said firmly, “BR!” BR sheepishly replied, “I’m sorry.” Well, at least you can add honest to the list of his traits.

Anyway, why did this love for babies come along? Is it their helplessness? Is it the fact that they are so tiny? Is it the fact that they won’t ever tell him to eat snow peas?

I like this nurturing side of BR, and I look forward to the next sweet surprise. A sudden love of green vegetables?

16 thoughts on “A Boy and A Baby

  1. That’s wonderful he’s so fond of them. Both of my boys are too, and given they’re teenagers, that’s nice to see. Both had even asked over the years for a baby sister or brother. (Though it wasn’t going to happen!) Funny, they no longer ask. Hmm, do they think I’m too old? 😉

    • It is cool. That’s great that your teens are. Babies and teens generally have something in common – they both think everything is about them. It’s good your sons realize that’s not the case.

  2. I bet he loves babies because he has such a good father!

    But what’s an egg taco? It sounds simple and cheap and, therefore, right up my alley.

    • Yes, Jessie and tacos – that’s right. Anyway, it is simple. It’s eggs, cheese and salsa in a taco shell.
      Thanks for the compliment. I knew I liked you.

  3. Okay, there are several posts over here that I never got my email for – and they never appeared in my reader on Word Press :/ I’ve added you to BlogLovin to see if they’ll pop up over there!

    Mr. T loved, and still loves babies – it’s so great to see wonderful men being made!

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