Mr. Positive on the Baseball Field

Mr. Positive outside of his Baseball UniformAn old friend has resurfaced. Or so it seems. A while back I wrote how BR seemed to have morphed into a Mr. Positive like Tony Robbins.

In that previous post, I noted that, “BR is regularly giving me high fives for effort, calling out such encouragements as “nice try” or “nice one.” He has offered comfort by telling me, “at least you tried.”

Now all this was occurring when he was nine-years-old. Today, at thirteen, he is a full blown teen. This age is known for a lot of things – moodiness, selfishness, and smart aleckness.

No, I am not saying every thirteen year old displays all these characteristics all the time. In my exposure to children at that age, I have also witnessed many positive behaviors and actions.


Anyway, BR seems to be returning to his Tony Robbins days. But unlike previously, now I see a pattern.

The positive attitude etc. comes out while playing baseball especially during games.  Yup Mr. Positive comes out on the baseball field.

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Growing Up in a Complicated World

Growing Up in a Complicated WOrldIt’s a complicated world. Yeah, I know that’s not a newsflash.

This week my family and I celebrate a meaningful moment in BR’s life. He becomes Bar Mitzvah. He enters a new phase in his life and is viewed in a different light. It’s a toehold into the adult world. As he turns 13 and formally enters the teen years, he is on the verge of big changes, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.The boy is growing up.

Exciting. Time for reflection. Special. Memorable.

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